Kushiel's Mercy Part VI

Streak being calm & snuggly.
Streak being calm & snuggly.

The read along continues with Kushiel’s Mercy, Book 3 of Imriel’s trilogy! Everyone is welcome to join in. Here is the SCHEDULE for the read along.

This week, Allie at Tethyan Books is our host. We’re covering Chapters 63-75, so be prepared for spoilers below!

1. The Euskerri paid a brutal price for their sovereignty. What do you think about how this played out? Did anything stick out in your mind?

I think I need more info, really. The Euskerri obviously hold their sovereignty dear, but why? Were they being unjustly taxed? They have their own language and customs, but do they use Aragonian or D’Angeline coinage? Are their people conscripted into either army? In short, I am wondering if they want their own rulership because of their different language/culture alone or because they have been unjustly treated by either or both of their neighboring countries.

At any rate, they gave as good as they got. Definitely worthy fighters even if they don’t know much about planning, strategy, etc. Only time will tell if their sacrifice of so many young men was worth it.

2. How do you feel about the way things ended for Astegal? Was it just? If not, what would you have preferred to see happen?

It was just. Aragonia ordered the execution and Imriel and Sidonie, representing Terre D’Ange, carried it out. I guess he could have been tortured for info on the jewel, but that’s a messy business.

3. Do you have any theories on why Imriel’s charm is able to protect Sidonie?

I think Elua and Kushiel are lending their aid on this one. It was a desperate thought in the first place and Imriel isn’t trained to any sort of magic or spiritual rites, so he simply had to do his best.

4. What do you think about Alais’s change of heart regarding political power and her new plans for her future?

Totally makes sense. She has spent years away from the D’Angeline court, growing up, seeing how she can make a difference with all the knowledge and training she has been given. Plus, the last time we checked in with her on this issue, she was… 13? 14? So, it’s totally fine that she’s changed her mind on this as she’s grown up. I think she will make a fine leader.

5. The spell twists the personalities of people we knew, sometimes in disturbing ways. Do you see the seeds of who they are now in their true selves? Given their currently twisted view of reality, do you think anyone is acting against their own principles?

A friend of mine in college once said that alcohol tends to bring out the person’s real personality and after several years, I think I finally agree with him.

Here, I think this spell brings out the worst in people. Their core is still their, but now all their fears, suspicions, even hates are brought much closer to the surface and folks are much more likely to act upon those feeling than on any rational thoughts. Right now, nothing extreme has happened to anyone but Sidonie and Imriel. So, yes, I think everyone is still acting according to their principles but this spell has the fear talking, so folks are being a bit closed off, protecting those things they hold dear first, and suspicious of the rest….. kind of makes me think of certain political stuff going on lately here in the real world…..

Other Tidbts:

Imri has indeed written too many goodbye letters these past few years.

It was nice to see Kratos again.

It was cool that Sidonie came up with the plan, even if it was Imriel that had to take it to the Euskerri. Still, we know she’s a badass.

It was good to see Joscelin sparring with Imri again even in these messed up times.

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2 thoughts on “Kushiel's Mercy Part VI”

  1. You make a good point about the Euskerri goals. I guess I just accepted the desire for self-government as a natural thing, but we haven’t really seen any way being part of Aragonia hurts them.

    I have been reading way too much of the current political troubles into all of my fiction lately, so I know what you mean on #5.

    Now that you mention it, it’s pretty sad that he has become something of an expert on what to write in “in case I don’t live” farewell letters.

  2. Interesting point about the Euskerri – to be honest I was a bit curious about why they had such a desire for sovereignty but then I thought maybe I’d just missed something! They paid a high price but like everyone’s said, they don’t really use strategy but just rush in. Perhaps they think it’s more honourable that way – straightforward action rather than strategy (perhaps they see strategy as trickery or something)?
    I don’t really like corporal punishment but I thought Astegal’s end was as I suspected it would be and I really couldn’t see a way in which Carey could leave him alive. A bit predictable in that respect but even so – I certainly couldn’t dig up any pity for him.
    I think you’re right about Alais – she will be excellent and I wonder if her role develops in future books.
    It will be good to see this spell broken – the one thing that I was thinking but forgot to mention was that Carey seems to have used much more (and I can’t really think of the way to say it) but ‘substantial’ magic than she has previously. I wonder whether that’s a trait that’s set to continue with her next books.
    Lynn 😀

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