First Death by A. D. Starrling

StarrlingFirstDeathNarrator: Michael Bower

Publisher: AD Starrling (2016)

Length: 44 minutes

Series: Book 0.1 Seventeen

Author’s Page

Set in 1570 in the wooded mountains of Moldavia, Lucas and his parents have a simple cabin home in the woods. It’s winter and few travelers are about. That is, until Alexander and his men show up on their doorstep. Lucas’s simple, happy world is about to be shattered.

Alexander kills Lucas’s father first, and then his mother Katarina. To Lucas’s surprise, they rise to fight again. Alas, they are killed again. This cycle continues again and again while Lucas is forced to watch. Lucas, the poor lad, goes into some sort of shock over it all.

Then Lucas must suffer his first death. Things don’t go as planned for Alexander and his men. I really liked the crow imagery and the ashes left behind. There’s definitely something very intriguing about this story. The tale and danger doesn’t stop with Lucas’s first death. Nope. Afterwards, he has to figure out his next move, how to survive the winter, who his allies (or parent’s allies) are. I was impressed by how much was packed into this short story.

I received a free copy of this audiobook.

Narration: Michael Bower was good, especially with the accents. He also did a good job imbuing emotion into the characters. Alexander sounded villainous through and through.

What I Liked: The crow imagery; Lucas’s natural response; the continued danger from the elements; great narration. 

What I Disliked: Nothing – definitely an interesting story that makes me want to dig into the series. 

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