Ebook Giveaway & Interview: MG Sanders, Author of The Vigilant Series

SandersSchismEveryone, please give a warm welcome to author MG Sanders. What a fun interview! Also, don’t miss the international GIVEAWAY at the end of this post – ebook of  Book 1 of The Vigilant series, Schism.

Is there a genre or literary niche that you feel hasn’t gotten it’s deserved amount of attention?

I’m biased of course, but I would like to see the psycho/horror-thriller genre receive more attention. A frightening psychological set up combined with a touch of horror and a thrilling mystery just can’t be beat.

Conventions, book signings, blogging, etc.: what are some of your favorite aspects of self-promotion and what are some of the least favorite parts of self-promotion?

Indie authors must be comfortable with all forms of self-promotion to be heard in what is now a very crowded market. I write under two names and in two disparate genres. Under my pen name MG Sanders, I am enjoying creating a chilling psychological atmosphere for a bastion of creepy characters, while under my real name, Marlayna Glynn, I have a successful 5-book memoir series. Each genre requires different promotional tactics ranging from my personal favorites – word of mouth and social media interaction – to paying for ads aimed at specific genres. I prefer promotion that involves interacting directly with readers.

What has been your worst or most difficult job? How does it compare to writing?

I’ve had so many different types of jobs over the years and I’d like to think I learned something important from each one. In high school I took a job as a door-to-door aluminum siding salesperson. That particular Las Vegas summer the temps were over 100 degrees while we knocked on doors to ask if the owner was interested in purchasing aluminum siding for the home. Lacking water, restroom facilities and decent pay – I’d have to say that was the worst job, though I did manage to procure a sale!

SandersChasmWhere is the farthest from home that you have traveled? Would you like to live there?

I took a two year writing sabbatical in my late forties and traveled extensively. Ukraine was the furthest I ventured when I went to stay with a friend I’d met in Croatia. I would love to live in Croatia and would not like to live in Ukraine, though I did enjoy the friendships I developed there.

If you couldn’t be a writer, what would you chose to do?

Definitely a haunted bed and breakfast owner. Hopefully I will be able to combine these two careers in a few years.

What does your Writer’s Den look like? Neat and tidy or creative mess? Can you write anywhere or do you need to be holed up in your author cave?

Definitely neat and tidy, with everything in its place. Lots of pictures of my kids and travels. I can write anywhere as long as it’s fairly quiet though I prefer to write at home.

If you could sit down and have dinner with 5 dead authors, who would you invite to the table? What would they order?

Great question! We’d have a real party: Hemingway would order the alcohol for the table, assisted by Poe. Emily Bronte would order tea, but due to her reclusive nature would likely say little. Lord Byron would order expensive dishes for the table while Mary Shelley would stick to wine.

SandersAbysmWhat is the first book you remember reading on your own?

My mother used to get books using Blue Chip stamps. My favorite was a book of poems including Mary Howitt’s The Spider and The Fly. The artist drew a very well dressed spider holding open a red velvet curtain to entice the fly inside his ‘parlour.’

Thanks for the interview!


Places to Find MG Sanders

Website (where you can download a free copy of the prequel to The Vigilant series)





MGSandersAuthorAuthor Bio: 

MG Sanders has always questioned the line between what’s real – and the unseen world around her.

An award winning photographer and writer, she spent two years traveling the world to photograph religious ceremony, burial sites and ancient grounds haunted with history.

Author of psychological thrillers, MG’s work has unleashed an unconventional cast of characters to the world. Her nightmare-inducing collection of psycho thrillers is sure to chill even the most seasoned horror and paranormal readers. Her first book of THE VIGILANT serial is exclusive to Kindle and soon to be in paperback.

Beyond reading and writing, MG enjoys hikes through the forest, travel to any new destination, and settling down late at night with a good ghost story. You name it, she’s either read it or watched it, cutting her teeth on masters such as Stephen King, Robert Bloch and HP Lovecraft.

She resides with her soulmate, Allen, seven children and two cats.

SandersSchismBook Blurb for Schism: 

A hated bully’s ghastly – yet deserved – decapitation.
An eccentric siliconaire’s one million dollar reward.
An otherworldly cast of suspects screwing everything else up.

“A compelling ghost story, murder mystery, and small town intrigue with quirky characters, and brilliant surprises. M.G. Sanders makes every page worth turning.” – Ron V., Book Reviewer

A justifiably grisly crime begs to be solved in THE VIGILANT: SCHISM, the first book of a psycho-thriller serial where the paranormal interact with the living – usually without their knowledge. A horrific murder sets sixteen-year-old Beth and others on a riveting quest to find the killer, yet instead they discover that no one is what they seem, especially Beth. As they explore the unseen lives of those around them, it becomes evident that something sinister – something irrevocable – is happening in Beetle Oaks.

Someone is righting wrongs.

A psycho-thriller populated with a bizarre cast of characters, THE VIGILANT serial will appeal to those unafraid to consider the revolting depths of the shadows crawling behind friends and neighbors.


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