Anne Manx and the Empress Blair Project by Larry Weiner

WeinerAnneManxAndTheEmpressBlairProjectWhere I Got It: A review copy

Narrators: Claudia Christian, Elle Muth, Robin Atkin Downes, Tom Dheere, and you can see the complete cast list HERE.

Publisher: Radio Repertory Co. of America (2009)

Original Score: Angelo Panetta

Length: 1 hour 56 minutes

Series: Book 5 Anne Manx

Author’s Page

Note: Even though this is Book 5 in the series, it works just fine as a standalone.

Empress Blair of planet Iaranix (spelling?) just lost her father to assassination. A political group on planet Anyu is thought to be behind it, but no one is sure. Empress Blair needs a bodyguard, one that doesn’t have any preconceived ties to her enemies. Anne Manx, one of the best private investigators around, is on vacation and plans to keep it that way. Alas, Empress Blair makes her case to her and Anne agrees to the job. As she delves into the messy, back-stabbing, double-crossing politics of the situation, it becomes hard to tell friend from foe. For example, there’s Mr. Logan. Just who hired him and where his loyalties lie are a mystery.

Once again, I have dived back into the world of Anne Manx. I do so adore this series. It’s science fiction and humor with a little sexy thrown in. Anne’s humor with the young 17-year-old Empress Blair is very amusing. There’s a little adult humor between the two and one scene with a personal item that had me chuckling into my morning tea. Then Mr. Logan gets tossed into the mix and the humor goes up a notch. He’s got this special power to hypnotize almost anyone. Sometimes he gets creative and brawls break out. He and Anne hit it off by showing off their warrior skills to one another, and then trying out their sexytime skills.

As always, the plot is fast moving, the witty banter can be lightning speed, and the characters tricksy. Someone is always double crossing someone else. Anne is on the look out, having been burnt before. Yet Mr. Logan’s loyalties remain a mystery until the end. I really liked all the double and triple deals, all the scheming. Everyone seems to have a secret agenda, except for Ann herself who just wants to finish the job and get back to her vacation.

When all is said and done, when the body count has been tallied, I find this to be one of the best additions to the series. Perhaps I have said that about each story. Truly, this is one of the best sci-fi humor series out there, with a great cast and wonderful music and sound effects. Now that I have completed all the Ann Manx audiobooks to date, I hope RRCA decides to create more such works in the Anne Manx universe. You can now catch some of the Anne Manx books and other RRCA works on Audible, free, if you have a subscription via their Members Fantasy Channel.

I received a copy of this audiobook free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The Narration: Once again, RRCA brought together a great group of voice actors and the Panetta studio. I really liked Elle Muth’s Empress Blair – she comes off as everyone’s best friend with gentle humor. Robin Atkin Downes had a great sexy voice for Mr. Logan –  sometimes all business and sometimes all seduction. As always, Claudia Christian makes a great Anne Manx. I love her sarcastic humor and willingness to kick butt first and ask questions later. Bob Arsena was a great drunk General Hawks. And while it was a very small part, Raini the singer was a great humorous addition! The sound effects and music never drown out the dialogue and greatly add to the story. That joke about Empress Blair’s massage device would not be nearly so funny without the sound effects. 

What I Liked: Witty banter all the way through the story; Empress Blair and her friendly save the whales attitude; drunk General Hawks; Anne Manx’s physical competition with Mr. Logan and the sparks that creates; everyone is double crossing someone; great sound effects and music; the adult humor; gorgeous cover art. 

What I Disliked: Nothing – I really enjoyed this book.

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