An Artificial Night Part IV

McGuireAnArtificialNightWelcome everyone to the read along of Seanan McGuire’s An Artificial Night, Book 3 in the October Daye series. Anyone is welcome to join us over at our GoodReads Group! Check out the info at the end of the post.

This week’s hosted by Over The Effing Rainbow. We’re covering chapters 25-END below, so beware of spoilers if you have not read that far. I’m doing the audiobook version (which is awesome) but I apologize now for any misspellings of names and such.

1. Things pick up right where we left them, with Tybalt and Toby. What do you make of the not-quite-nine-lives thing? And do you have any fresh insight into what, if anything, is going on between him and Toby?

So this whole sequence, which started with the tail end of last week’s reading, was a bit of a whirlwind for me. I didn’t get it and I don’t like not getting things. So we have some weirdness with Tybalt but none of it is clear and then Toby ends up in Blind Michael’s messed up main hall (see next question) and then she goes into this kind of dream sequence as his captive. I think Toby had to travel a sideways route into Blind Michael’s realm and that’s what Tybalt was helping her do, but it’s really unclear to me.

By the end of this section, Tybalt is back to being aloof and leaving Toby alone. So, no, I don’t get what is going on with these two and quite frankly, the friendship between her and Connor was more satisfying in this book than whatever messed up feelings and vague references to lies are between her and Tybalt. And I’m not really a fan of Toby + Connor kissing.

2. As predicted, Toby is far from finished with Blind Michael and returns to his realm, trading herself for Karen’s freedom. Things get pretty dark from there, but all isn’t lost… What’s your take on the Luidaeg’s rescue effort?

Pretty damn awesome! Now I want to learn some ancient Celtic stories by heart so that I can stop the Wild Hunt in it’s tracks should I ever come across them. I know they couldn’t rescue everyone, but they made a pretty good turn out. I can only imagine how much it cost the Luidaeg in effort to reach out and bring that many folks forward to claim their lost friends and family. Hmm…. on second thought, she probably acted super scary to Quentin and had him make all the calls and play secretary to set this up. Can you imagine the pre-game meeting? Handing out copies of the ancient story, coordinating who says what when, perhaps there was even cookies and tea.

3. After all that, Toby still isn’t done. Do you think she did the right thing, going after Blind Michael to end things once and for all? And after all’s said and done, what do you think of Blind Michael himself?

Toby’s Fetch was still hanging around, so Toby assumed she was going to die soonish. And I can see how she felt the warrior’s call upon her – go out doing an enormously good deed, or trying. And she won, so obviously she did the right thing. It had to be done by someone.

At one point, Blind Michael was sane and happy and had a family and things started to turn bad.  I wasn’t sure if the insanity crept into his life and was a source of him making bad, detrimental choices, or if the detrimental choices came first and the insanity crept in later. Either way, it appears the Fae world had no real good way to hold him back from fucking with people so he had to be taken out. I’m glad that Luna’s mom pointed out to Toby that she should end it quickly and not torture the man. I know Toby felt that a swift death was not enough, could not pay back all the centuries of torturing others, but sometimes that is the best option available.

4. Quentin has a hard choice of his own to make in the aftermath, as the Luidaeg explains… Do you agree with her choice of consequence, or was she too hard on him?

I don’t think it was the Luidaeg making the consequences. She could do only so much to help Katy and either path had a consequence. The Luidaeg wisely saw that she was not the one to choose for her. Katy’s parents are human and wouldn’t understand or couldn’t accept the faerie part of it all and Toby was not a friend or relative of Katy’s. So, really it was only Quentin who could make this choice. He was in a hard place but I think the Luidaeg was right in giving him the choice instead of choosing for Katy.

5. We get one more scene with the Luidaeg, and it’s quite a turnaround, character-wise. What do you think of where she and Toby seem to stand, at this point?

Right now, I could see Toby becoming an apprentice to the Luidaeg, but who knows if that will be so. We know that alliances in the Fae world are ever shifting. But for the moment it was good they had each other for the small comfort of a good hug after such a messed up experience. Toby went through a kind of hell, and the Luidaeg lost her brother.

Other Tidbits:

It was good of Luna’s mom to try to get Toby out of there, even if it was a little self-serving.

So now Toby has this well kept secret – it takes silver and iron used together to kill one of the First Born. I don’t think they want Toby to spread that knowledge around. But how many others took note of how Blind Michael was killed?

So when Luna and Rayseline disappeared for several years, were they trapped in Blind Michael’s realm? I kind of got that hint, but I’m not sure if I am taking it correctly.

So now we have May Daye as a future side kick, right?  Maybe she and Toby can double date! Ha! Not likely.

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