The Lies of Locke Lamora Part II

LynchLiesOfLockeLamoraWelcome everyone to the read along of Scott Lynch’s Gentlemen Bastard series. Anyone is welcome to join us over at our GoodReads Group! Check out the info at the end of the post.

This week’s hosted by There’s Always Room for One More. We’re covering the second section noted below, so beware of spoilers if you have not read that far. I’m doing the audiobook version (which is awesome) but I apologize now for any misspellings of names and such. This is actually my second read along of the book and a third reading of the book. I also apologize for posting late – medical issues have me busy, tired,  and not as organized.

1) Last week we saw the Capa in theatrical mode taking young Locke’s oath on his enchanted shark’s tooth. This week we see the former scholar carving up the surviving Full Crowns and swearing vengeance on the Grey King. What do you think of his responses to the Grey King’s assaults?

I think the Capa was prone to paranoia in the first place. He is this crime boss and I expect that to reach that position and hold it for so long, you have to have a well-developed sense of paranoia. However, he’s lost the fine tuning of it and no longer knows who to trust about what. For instance, he’s put trust in Locke. 😉

Scott Lynch doesn’t skimp  on showing us how brutal life is, does he? The Capa’s responses all around show that. Sage Kindness, his head torturer, is a twisted soul!

2) We get our first glimpse of magic this week. What do you make of the Bondsmagi (and especially of the Falconer and Vestris)?

Chains gave us a great overview of the bastards. It’s really their fucking attitude that makes them so dangerous – they kill anyone who kills a Bondsmagi (even inadvertently) and they also take out all their family and friends. So, yeah, who would ever mess with a Bondsmagi? *looks sideways at Locke*

The Falconer has an inflated ego if I ever saw one. He is pretty touchy about being called names, and that’s all that Locke has done so far. So I tend to think of him as a powerful idiot at this point. Vestris… hmmm.. I wonder how much  is her own attitude and how much is her owner’s? Can scorpion hawks make decent pets? We may never know.

3) The Gentleman Bastards make plans for a hasty exit, but resist the urge to drop everything and go, because reasons. Seemingly entirely reasonable reasons. Do you think our boys are right to stay?

That’s hard to say. If they dropped everything right now, would those loose strings attract attention from Capa Barsavi? Would the Grey King be totally miffed? Would either bastard track down the Gentlemen Bastards and kill them? I can understand the hesitancy all around to cut out and run. They have lots of loot to transport, so it wouldn’t be swift. They are all from Camorr (at least as far back as they can recall, right?) and this is their home. Plus, they are stubborn. They have put a lot into their elaborate scam and also Locke doesn’t like backing down from a bully if he can outwit him.

Still, it’s a fucking Bondsmage and the Grey King. And a scorpion hawk. And sleepy-time mists.

4) We’ve now seen a lot more Eldren architecture, including the spectacular rooftop ‘rose garden’ Don Maranzalla trains his students in. Do you think the Elderglass is a creation of magic, science or something else entirely?

I love the rose garden! It was a great way to get Jean trained up. And his wicked sisters! Ha!

I think the Elderglass is a creation of science and aliens. yep. I think large alien bugs came to Earth and set up shop in Camorr and nearby. They then used their saliva to partially digest local materials, turning them into Elderglass. So, in a way, all that Elderglass is like wasp or ant vomit – super strong and can last for years. Also, it can be made into any shape.

Other Tidbits:

Bug never talks about his time in the Shallows, which makes me think it was pretty bad. Yet he seems the purest or naivest or kindest of the group, doesn’t he?

Did you enjoy young Locke’s body snatch? And he got paid to do it too!

Who has tried the winning combination of beer and peach tarts for dinner? I think it depends on the type of beer….

I’m going to miss Nazca. I remember the first time I read this book, I was shocked by her sudden and gruesome exit from the story. But maybe I can have her boots… since she’s not using them?

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2 thoughts on “The Lies of Locke Lamora Part II”

  1. For instance, he’s put trust in Locke

    I laughed out loud. People are looking at me funny now.

    Can scorpion hawks make decent pets? We may never know.

    And again 😀

    I absolutely agree about the alien bugs. It’s the only thing that makes sense. I mean, this stuff deadens sound, reflects light, is pretty much indestructible (so how do they hang other architectural features off it? Surely you need to at least tap a hole to attach hinges for doors? Maybe I’m misremembering the indestructibility). Alien excreta works for me.

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