An Artificial Night Part I

McGuireAnArtificialNightWelcome everyone to the read along of Seanan McGuire’s An Artificial Night, Book 3 in the October Daye series. Anyone is welcome to join us over at our GoodReads Group! Check out the info at the end of the post.

This week’s hosted by Over The Effing Rainbow. We’re covering chapters 1-7 below, so beware of spoilers if you have not read that far. I’m doing the audiobook version (which is awesome) but I apologize now for any misspellings of names and such.

1. The book opens with Toby at a birthday party for Mitch and Stacy’s youngest child, and follows with an early-morning meet-up with Connor. Both scenes serve to keep previously introduced characters in play and show us how life is progressing for Toby, but in very different ways. What do you make of these scenes after all that’s gone before?

I’m glad to see that Toby’s aloofness back when she was a cashier at the grocery store didn’t damage her relationship with Stacy and Mitch. But I can also see how hanging out with kids and the family setting would be hard for her since her family has chosen not to be a part of her life.

Connor, now that is a different story. I have been rather blase about seal boy the past two books but his very real plea to Toby for some simple company really made a difference. He does have feelings and needs for real companionship and I guess Raysel has driven off more than Toby.

2. As we may have come to expect by now, things rapidly go downhill from there… What are your thoughts right now on this interpretation of the Wild Hunt?

I definitely want more info. I always think of the Wild Hunt being a chase through forests or open fields at least. Instead we have Blind Michael sneaking into homes and stealing kids. Maybe the chase through the forest will be later and perhaps that is where Toby will potentially meet her doom. In any case, it’s a messed up situation.

3. And (because it wouldn’t be a Toby read along if I didn’t celebrate him) Tybalt is back! After what was apparently a lengthy absence… What do you suppose kept Tybalt away after the events in A Local Habitation…?

I expect part of it was his own choice. I’m sure it’s not pleasant for him to watch Toby snogging others. But perhaps he had to do some damage control after the betrayal and death of Barbara, and all the cats that went missing under her watch. When we last saw Julie in Book 1, she hated Toby, so maybe she has rallied the dissenters over the events of Book 2 and Tybalt had to put down a minor rebellion? Just totally guessing.

4. Back to the real drama – Toby (eventually) gets some answers from Luna after a non-starter meeting with Lily. Everyone’s being mysterious, but Luna is acting especially strangely – as is Sylvester, who is openly unhappy with her about something… Any thoughts? Guesses? Suspicions?

Perhaps it is over Raysel and what Lily believes to be best for her versus what Sylvester believes to be best for her? There’s this whole mystery of what happened to Raysel and Luna during their lengthy abduction. Sylvester talks like he knows what happened and how it happened, but we readers have not heard the story. So now I wonder if Sylvester might still have unanswered questions as well.  Also, if Raysel is not fit to one day rule, or at least mother a child down the road, then the question of succession stands. That could be a source of tension between Sylvester and Luna.

Then we have Lily pointing at Luna for answers. So Lily is restrained from telling Toby anything straight about the missing kids and the burning window panes. Luna most likely knows something but can’t or won’t easily talk about it. Maybe it brings up memories of madness and torture for her?

Other Tidbits:

The Fetch! What an annoying little strumpet! It’s like all the bad sides of Toby exaggerated. Ha! But I also wonder if the Fetch is perfectly happy to wait around until Toby dies because it lets her out of whatever boring place she has to reside in until she is sent out to fetch someone’s shade along.

Quentin’s damn sure his girlfriend is 100% human and not a witch, but Toby brought up that good question. So maybe she isn’t a witch, but maybe she is clued in a little to the Fae world. I hope we meet her and I hope she is worthy of Quentin. Not that I’m protective of the lad or anything. 😉

OK, I know I said this back in Book 1, but I would love to have a pet Rose Goblin now more than ever. And Luna is quite right to chat with rose goblins, just as people chat with cats.

I disagree with Toby for not being straight with Stacy and a bit with Mitch. Yeah, Stacy is in this panicked shock, but once that peters out it’s going to be the facts that pull her through no matter what they are. Knowing something is better than knowing nothing.

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5 thoughts on “An Artificial Night Part I”

  1. I did feel a little sorry for Connor with his whole ‘lonely’ remark – however, in spite of that I still think he wants more from Toby and it makes me suspicious that he’s just pulling on the heartstrings. Haha – seal boy!
    This Michael character is very sinister isn’t he. I’m not sure why Toby’s hands were burnt?? Hope that some light is shed on that later maybe?
    The Fetch – I wonder if she will get to stick around if she can’t complete her mission – there would be two Toby’s running around then! I’ve got more questions than answers at the moment it seems…
    Lynn 😀

  2. I love this topic of the Wild Hunt – it’s such a great theme for the book! And Blind Michael is a very sinister character indeed.

    Ooh the Fetch! I totally forgot to mention her (strumpet – hah!). What an intriguing business, it does put Toby on the edge of danger from the start!

    I hadn’t thought about Julie perhaps causing trouble in the Court of Cats but that could well explain Tybalt’s absence. I’m very interested in how things will pan out with Julie… perhaps she’ll team up with Raysel and they’ll plot Toby’s murder most foul.

    I would also really love a Rose Goblin!! They’re adorable!

    1. That would be something if Julie and Raysel teamed up, but not unthinkable. I mean, cats slink everywhere and see a lot. Julie (or a cat she knows) could have seen Toby and Connor together at some point. Depending on Raysel, it might be as simple as telling her to set her off and cause grief for Toby. Hmmm…..

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