Kushiel's Justice Part III

Chupacabra has spotted something!
Chupacabra has spotted something!

The Terre D’Ange Cycle by Jacqueline Carey (of which Kushiel’s Justice is Book 2 of the second  trilogy) is one of my all time favorite series. The read along continues! Everyone is welcome to join in. Here is the SCHEDULE for the read along.

This week, Lynn at Lynn’s Book Blog is our host. We’re covering Chapters 15-22, so be prepared for spoilers below!

1) I thought it was curious that Phedre and Joscelin joined the party to Alba – any theories?  Are they about to become involved in something do you think?

I expect they just had ansy feet and wanted a small adventure and walk down memory lane. Plus they are seeing their one and only child off to his new home. He’s essentially gone from his parents house to his wife’s house with a brief stop over at the palace and now this little adventure to Eamonn’s home.

2) I’m pleased and also curious about the mention of Hyacinthe in these chapters. What sort of role do you see him playing in the rest of this story, if any?

Again, I think this is just a walk down memory lane, but in this case for not only Phedre and Joscelin, but also Imriel who met Hyacinthe briefly many years back. His powers are vast, so there’s always a chance he will come in to play, even if it is just sending someone post haste in a boat somewhere.

3) I’m puzzled with Phedre in these chapters and her sort of inner calm.  She seems to take everything in her stride.  Any thoughts on this?

It’s a really reflective time for Phedre. When she first went off to Alba, it was to secure aid against the Skaldi and she won that aid via her bedroom abilities and a touch of well-intentioned manipulation. Things are quite different now on this trip. So I can see why she’s caught up in an inner calm. Adventures aren’t won by freaking out.

4) And we have a name: ‘Morwen’. What does this bring to mind if anything?  Any more thoughts on the stories around the ‘Old Ones’ and the new characters that we have met?

Morwen makes me think of the sorceress in some of the King Arthur tales, but that’s probably just me.

I’m glad that Lady Grainne doesn’t flinch at the Old Ones and actually maintains relationships with them. That’s far better than shunning and fearing them, which seems to be what the rest of the island does.

With that said, the Old Ones do seem a bit high handed, don’t they? They seem to think that seniority (we’re the Land’s First Children and all) gives them the right to dismiss everyone else. There’s pride in your heritage and then there’s being foolhardy about it and the Old Ones are walking the edge.

5) What do you make of Imriel and Dorelei’s relationship and how it’s developing?  Do you see a future for them – one with perhaps a child in it?  And if so, would this change Imriel’s plans about only spending a year in Alba and then returning to Sidonie?

Dorolei is showing the most patience and wisdom in this relationship. I think Imri could make a pretty little life with her if he gave it a chance. If there is a child, I think Imriel would have a hard time not falling in love with it. However, he wouldn’t be the first to go back and forth between Alba and Terre D’Ange (just like the Cruarch does).

6) This curse – what do you make of it?  The protections that are now placed on Imriel – how do you see this affecting his relationship with Dorelei?

Imri feels a bit foolish having his seed used against him in a such a way, but no one warned him either. I guess they will need to start including that in the basic cautions as tourism increases.

“While on the free roads, please refrain from jerking off as your bodily fluids may be used for entrapment magic.”

The protective bindings are keeping Imri from feeling his deep passion for Sidonie which I think is freeing up a corner of his heart for Dorolei. This is an unexpected bonus. He seems happier and so does Dorolei.

7) The Tiberians  and the Maghuin Dhon – we learn a little more about them and their history.  What did you make of it and the Tiberians?

Bear baiting, whether to take out a hazardous bear or for sport, is nasty business. In this story, it definitely was for sport which makes it even nastier.

I tried to find that nebulous story of Romans and a man-bear that I mentioned last week but had no luck. I did find a wikipedia article that told me the name ‘Arthur’ means bear and I thought that was cool.

Anyway, the Tiberians in this story are long dead and we’re not really sure how time has warped the tale, though it does seem to be pretty grim. One ugly deed begets another and generations later people are still paying for it.

8) Finally, the Lady Grainne has given her terms to Lord Ferghus – what do you predict the outcome to be?

Well, Imri and party (except Eamonn and Brigitta) will be moving on. Imri and Dorolei have their own house to go set up and eventually Phedre and Joscelin will go back home to Terre D’Ange. So, while I believe Grainne has good intentions in putting her foot down, she’s also no idiot. Given a little time, Imri will be off her land and out of her hair and then it will be a moot point for her.

Other Tidbts:

Little goat getting in the corn – it would possibly get bloat and possibly die, tho there are several ways to burp a goat.

I’m glad to see Imri taking a Bigger Picture look at things even tho he’s embarrassed by the entrapment. He’s a prince in 2 lands now and can’t be a hot head.

OK. Let me just say that playing with cold, muddy ejaculation can’t be any fun at all. Morwen – you need a new brand of magic dear. And go wash your hands!

It’s great to have Eamonn and even Brigitta back in the story. I’m glad she’s mellowing and I think getting to meet Joscelin and Phedre has helped with that.

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6 thoughts on “Kushiel's Justice Part III”

  1. They should definitely include the “no jerking off into the dirt” rule in the tourist manual. I felt pretty sorry for Imriel having to repeat that story over and over, while everyone tells him, “Well, that was careless, wasn’t it?”

    On the bigger picture subject, I liked that Imriel immediately went and told everyone, once he was sure it was a real problem and not just his imagination. It seems like so much trouble happens in books because characters insist on being secretive and trying to solve problems all alone.

    1. I totally feel for Imri too. Imagine having to tell such a tale over and over again while your new spouse (who is a willing bed partner) is sitting right beside you.

  2. “Imri feels a bit foolish having his seed used against him in a such a way, but no one warned him either. I guess they will need to start including that in the basic cautions as tourism increases.”

    Inorite! I wondered how Imriel was supposed to know. It didn’t seem like something the ollamh would teach him.

    Re: goats, thanks for that interesting bit of knowledge. The things I learn in this readalong! Fascinating. I’m not being sarcastic. I think it’s funny the random things that come up.

    Interesting thoughts about the Old Ones. I think maybe they feel that they were on Alba first and didn’t understand that when new people came, it meant change. And change happened in such a way as to be a danger to their way of life. Maybe that is why they are stuck on the “we were here first!”

    1. Exactly! I doubt the Ollam would teach about spilling bodily fluids on the Free Roads. She might not have answered even a direct question about it had a student thought to ask.

      the Old Ones and their fear of change reminds me a bit of the Druids and their sacred groves being cut down and how that changed their culture and dwindled their numbers.

  3. I like that you mention Merlin and the old myths – it was kind of what ws running through my mind too but I can’t really put my finger on it.
    I think my question about Phedre and Joscelin and then Hyacinthe was a sneaky attempt to get those of you who’ve already read this to spill the beans – didn’t work out though 😀 You’re keeping all tight lipped!
    Poor Imriel! I’m glad he didn’t keep his thoughts to himself though because it would be so much worse.
    I wonder if when he no longer wears his protection from the curse whether his feelings for Sidonie will come flooding back in and leave him feeling that the feelings he now seems to be developing for Dorelei are not as real – either way, this could be bad!!
    Lynn 😀

    1. Ha! Well, I can say that this is Imriel’s story and not another Phedre/Joscelin adventure.

      You’ll have to wait to see what happens with Imriel’s red strings.

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