Kushiel's Justice Part II

Chupacabra has spotted something!
Chupacabra has spotted something!

The Terre D’Ange Cycle by Jacqueline Carey (of which Kushiel’s Justice is Book 2 of the second  trilogy) is one of my all time favorite series. The read along continues! Everyone is welcome to join in. Here is the SCHEDULE for the read along.

This week, Emily at Emma Wolf is your host. We’re covering Chapters 8-14, so be prepared for spoilers below!

1) There’s some politics, and Imriel learns a little more about the Ephesian ambassador/Unseen Guildsman Diokles Agallon. Does this shed any light on Melisande’s whereabouts or the Guild? Do you have any new guesses?

When I first read this, I can recall pouring over the maps from this series, trying to figure out were Ephesium is and what political ties Melisande had/has in the area, if any.

As for the Guild, well they are everywhere they can get their hooks in. But I don’t recall if we ever learn where the Guild Leaders reside. I doubt they would all be gathered in one place.

2)  Joscelin tells Imriel to give it a year with Dorelei to see if his feelings for Sidonie (or her’s for him) fade. What do you think of this advice? Do you have any thoughts on Imriel’s wedding?

I think it’s really good advice. Imriel has had some decent experience in romantic relationships at this point but I am not sure how mush Sidonie has had – perhaps just Imri and Amarante. Plus this is the first time Imri has truly thought himself in love. So, yeah, give it a year and see if the feelings are lasting.

Plus there’s the whole political ramifications and possible assassination attempts to deal with.

I’m glad to see that Dorolei was eager for her wedding night and that she wasn’t entirely ignorant nor fearful. Imri…  ah, well, it is a hard position for him but I had hoped he would find some joy in the evening. Perhaps he will be able to do so easier once they go to Alba.

3) We learn a bit more about Alban law and culture. What do you think of the law that imposes more harsher sentences on the wealthy/ruling class? What is more dangerous: armies or books? What do you think about the Maghuin Dhonn?

So often, we have seen in the real world how the rich often get off with easier sentencing for the same crime. So, based on that (having the means to bribe judges or law personnel, etc.), I’m OK with Alban law imposing harsher sentences on the ruling class. Now with that said, we haven’t see too much of any country’s law in action in this series (Melisande got a room to herself in Book 1 the night of her sentencing, and perhaps a few other examples, but not many). Still, I like the idea even tho we haven’t see egregious and widespread abuse of the justice system by the rich and ruling.

Books are more dangerous because they can incite both the powerful and poor to take harsh action. But they can also spread reason, logic, and understanding (through tasty recipes, languages, and diplomatic agreements).

We haven’t met any Maghuin Dhonn yet so everything is hearsay. In a way, they sound a little like the lost Jewish tribe, self-imposing a punishment for a long past bad deed.

4) Dorelei lays some truths on Imriel. How do you like her now? What do you make of the dream she had of Imriel?

Well, Dorolei isn’t stupid. It’s good to know that Imri married a woman who won’t turn a blind eye to the truth, isn’t easily jealous, and wants simple truth between the two of them.

When I first read this book, I didn’t know what her dream foretold. I thought, hey! there’s snow in this dream and it snows in Alba, so obviously there comes a time when Imri will need to use his sword some winter and he will be upset about it.

Other Tidbts:

I’m very glad Imri and Sidonie got that one full night together.

It’s lovely that Imri isn’t jealous of Amarante’s relationship with Sidonie, and yes, I agree with Amarante. Everyone need someone they can trust to hold their secrets.

Mavros is wiser than his demeanor and years indicate – he was right to hall Imri off for that Showing.

I’m not sure I agree with the Bard about foregoing the written word because without books a ruler must be wise unto themselves and books would just make them lazy. I think the bulk of illiterate history is against her in this – plenty of rulers (bother literate and illiterate) have been bad rulers, but I bet statistically the one who have access to written documents did better overall.

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5 thoughts on “Kushiel's Justice Part II”

  1. “I’m not sure I agree with the Bard about foregoing the written word ”

    Yeah, I definitely don’t. A good memory does not make someone wise (though I don’t think it hurts). And I’ve played telephone too many times to trust oral legend completely. I think to know you don’t know, and to look it up and research, is the best.

    “When I first read this, I can recall pouring over the maps from this series, trying to figure out were Ephesium is and what political ties Melisande had/has in the area, if any.”

    Did you figure it out?!?! (Maybe a spoiler for other people……

    Because looking at it now, I think we have enough clues….Actually, I have confused myself. I’m now not sure what the real world equivalent is of where she is…I think I’m wrong apparently there are two places where [redacted name of goddess] first set foot on land and only one of them is in the real world named [redacted].)

    1. Oh, but apparently the capital of [place where Melisande is] is a city in [real life place where I thought she was]. Maybe it’s a combination of the two (or more!) and I’m taking things too literally.

  2. I think it will be easier for both Imri and Dorelei when they leave for Alba – too much temptation at the moment!
    I have this horrible feeling that the dream could be to do with Eamonn! I hope not!!
    Lynn 😀

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