Kushiel's Scion Part VII

Elderly Waffles has no idea whats going on.
Elderly Waffles has no idea whats going on.

The Terre D’Ange Cycle by Jacqueline Carey (of which Kushiel’s Scion is Book 1 of the second  trilogy) is one of my all time favorite series. The read along continues! Everyone is welcome to join in. Here is the SCHEDULE for the read along.

This week, Allie at Tethyan Books is your host. We’re covering the Chapters 53-60, so be prepared for spoilers below!

1) We begin this section with a slightly happier topic, Eamonn and Brigitta’s wedding.  Do you think this was a good idea, for Eamonn and Brigitta as well as for the people of Lucca?  Assuming they both survive, how do you think it will go for them when they break the news to their families?

I think the wedding was a good idea all around. It will be a warm happy memory in the midst of stress and sadness for all those who survive. I think Eamonn’s folk will be fine with it, them being a nation of independent thinkers by and large. Brigitta’s folks will probably have some grumblings over it but with her married and potentially pregnant, it will be harder for them to ignore the greater world and Brigitta’s wishes.

2)  Firestorm! Do you think this action was worth the sacrifices?  In the words of Deccus Fulvius, do you think it is worth destroying something to save it?

It was the only way for the town to survive it. The mercenary army is most likely paid in spoils, gained by sacking the city. So while they might not outright slaughter everyone if the gates were opened, there would be looting and rape (perhaps not of the noble ladies, but commoners would have to deal with it). If the town was full of small minded people and corrupt politicians, I would think differently. But in this case, we have good people that are forced to make hard choices.

3) The d’Angeline delegation makes a deal for Imriel’s friends.  Do you agree with the characters’ decisions on who would go and who would stay?

I think it was a relief to Imriel to have Claudia and her husband gone. That constant temptation was a distraction and as he spent more time with Deccus, his guilt increased.

I think Brigitta would have preferred to stay, and being a bow hunter and not a woman to flinch from tough work, she would have been worth the food rations. However, she’s going to have an angry brother hunting her down soon. Plus she might be concerned about a pregnancy by now since she and Eamonn have been bumping uglies for a few weeks at this point.

4) Do you think that Gallus Tadius knew that his plan to funnel the water to the underworld would require him to also depart?  Was that an act of self-sacrifice, or was it unintentional?

I think Gallus knew, that it was unavoidable, and that was why he was pushing himself (and Lucius) so hard to drill the men, move people and stores to high  ground, and get the ladies and kids ready to fight dirty. In part, I think it was repentance and then also self-sacrifice. Imriel’s hearing the bronze-iness of Kushiel and later the brone feather touch of his wing on his thoughts, well, Kushiel was there meting out compassionate, yet stern, punishment. Gallus had avoided it for too long and this was how he paid back family and city for his asshole-ness of the past.

5) Any new thoughts on Canis?  Do you think he was involved in informing the d’Angeline delegation, and do you think he’s a part of (or in opposition to) the Unseen Guild?

The enigmatic Canis. I’m pretty sure I recall the answer to this riddle his presence presents. He must be some actor to have kept his disguise as a deaf mute for so long. Imriel almost spoiled that! I thought he was getting better at this cloak and dagger stuff, or at least more cautious. Perhaps he was overly fatigued…..

Other Tidbts:

Would you give up a body part if it meant you could leave a besieged city?

What do you think of Eamonn’s observation concerning the Skaldi, Albans, and Eirans all being barbarians that have seen what they could be in places like Caerdicca Unitas and Terre D’Ange? I get his point about the Master of the Straights keeping the Albans and Eirans in the dark for so long, but I bet they will catch up quickly.

I loved that Imriel ‘tricked’ Gallus into giving Lucius’s body a full night’s sleep. Then later how he briefly go through to Lucius who authorized the swap and got 3 people out of Lucca.  I think Gallus saw through both and allowed them both. He could have welched on his bet of sleep easy enough. He could have rescinded the order to do the swap.

Who wants to continue the Read Along with Book 2 of Imriel’s saga, Kushiel’s Justice?

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16 thoughts on “Kushiel's Scion Part VII”

  1. “Would you give up a body part if it meant you could leave a besieged city?”

    Hmm….do I get to choose the body part?

    I agree with you about burning the farm land. I was puzzled about how useful wheat and olives would be to the invading army, but you made a good point about maybe other things growing there too.

    1. Let me rephrase: in my post, I said it was a bad idea to burn the olive grove. You persuaded me: they can be easily processed and they are home to other food. I thought it was a sad idea when I thought it took YEARS for olive trees to bear fruit, but then I learned that it could be as few as 3.

    2. Yep. You get to choose the body part. I think I would be wiling to give up a toe or finger, maybe an ear…… Depends on how horrible accommodations are within the city.

      1. I was thinking toe or finger or appendix or tonsils (please take my tonsils!) (if the surgical options are ok). Maybe even a tooth. I guess it also depends on are we talking modern medicine?

  2. I think the thing that I completely overlooked in my answer about the marriage is the happiness it brought to people in what are clearly very troubling times and I don’t suppose you can underplay that.
    As to burning the olive trees – I love olives so it does seem sacrilegious but it seems to be the thing that an army would do – well, not that I have some great wealth of knowledge about war tactics but…
    Lynn 😀

      1. I’m not sure. I’m sure somewhere some culture thinks of them as a peace symbol. After all, you have to be settled and not fighting for a number of years to get a good olive harvest.

  3. I’m with Emma, maybe I’d give up a tonsil or an appendix to get out. But only if there was a safe hospital and surgeon.

    One thing that you seem to have brought up in your answers that I didn’t think of was how Brigitta marrying Eamonn is a way of taking hold of her future. If she’s pregnant by Eamonn, I think there’s pretty much nothing they can acceptably do against her marriage, right? She also wanted to leave Skaldia and see the world, and the marriage will allow her to do so.

    Also, I’m still in for continuing the saga!

    1. Definitely. Brigitta’s marriage to a prince of the Dalraida should give her some say in her future. I don’t think Brigitta is noble born (do the Skaldia have nobles at this point?), so this is kind of a step up for her in status, right?

  4. Also, yes, I want to continue! The next book is my favorite (I think…or maybe the last. I like them both a lot and can’t decide). I’ve loved reading these books with you guys!

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