SoulMatch by Drew Avera

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Publisher: Drew Alexander Avera (2015)

Narrators: Jamie B. Cline, Melissa Foster

Length: 21 mins

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Note: The audio version of this story can be found on the author’s YouTube station at the time of this posting.

Set in a far future, humans and an alien race, the Dylaquians, begin interbreeding. However, a long-standing civil war has once again divided these two races, and sent the hybrids into hiding. Now May Gresham stands on the cusp of the latest attack. Should he believe in Coralin’s gift or hold back and risk more death and destruction?

This short story started off strong. I like that there is this big sweeping background and history that holds meaning to the immediate actions of the characters. There’s impressions of a big fleet and then a shock wave as the Dylaquians launch another attack.

In the midst of this, Coralin begs May to believe in her gift, which is to know predispositions, or future paths. Things start to move really quick at this point and things got a little muddy for me. There’s talk of May and Coralin being each other’s Soul’s Match and that it is a very powerful thing. However, I think I failed to grasp the significance of it.

The ending left things really open ended. I’m hoping the author returns to this universe he started and fleshes things out with more stories. I feel that there is definitely more of this tale to be told.

Narration: Jamie B. Cline did a good job with May’s voice. Melissa Foster’s voice was significantly quieter than Cline’s so I think they were recorded separately and then put together in the final product. Other than the volume Foster did a good job of imbuing Coralin’s voice with longing and emotion.

What I Liked: Big sweeping stage; long-standing conflict; May’s understandable hesitancy to believe in the Soul’s Match.

What I Disliked: Things got muddy and I felt I lost the purpose of the story.

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