Audiobook Giveaway & Interview: Sharon Delarose, Author of Fomorian Earth

DelaroseFomorianEarthFolks, please give a warm welcome to SFF author Sharon Delarose! Today we talk about ancient legends, a Desert Island collection, the pitfalls of offering dating advice, and so much more!  Don’t miss out on the AUDIOBOOK GIVEAWAY at the end of the post!

What now-dead author would you like to interview? What are some of the things you would chat about?

If by author, you mean anyone who has ever committed words into writing… in the most liberal interpretation… I would choose Celtic Brigit of the Tuatha dé Danann of Ireland. Her people are credited with inventing Ogham, the earliest alphabet and written language in Ireland. They were teachers who ran schools for the children of kings, only teachers were called druids in those days. I’d want to know every single thing about the Tuatha dé Danann because so much of their history has been lost. I am truly in love with this historic people.

DelaroseAlienNightmaresWhat nonfiction works have you found useful in building fictional worlds, cultures, and plots?

The Star Borne series is based on non-fiction if you believe in ancient Irish mythology. The Tirnogians in Star Borne are the Tuatha dé Danann, although we haven’t inserted the “good druids” yet — only the enemy druids. I’ve studied Ireland’s earliest history from the most notable historians on the subject, and even created an extensive spreadsheet of genealogies because factions in the series are critical to the story. I wanted to stay as close to the truth as possible, while adding a fictional “lost in space” spin.

Ancient maps of the British Isles have been helpful in world-building as well, and an altered old map of the Isle of Skye off the coast of Scotland appears in Shades of Moloch, which is book two of the Star Borne series. Like most of my books, the Star Borne series is illustrated, as is the unrelated Alien Nightmares.

You can type names and places into a search engine and discover that much of Fomorian Earth, and portions of Shades of Moloch, are based on actual events, albeit mythological by some standards. Manannán mac Lir, Dagda, Cuchulainn (Cullo in the series), Lugh, and so many others are the gods and demi-gods of ancient Ireland, whose legends morphed into the fairy mythology.

Even places such as the Harbor of the Pin and its legend, you can find, though you may need to use the British spelling of “harbour.”

Their enemies come straight off the pages of mythical history, including Balor of the Evil Eye and his wife, Cethlenn of the Crooked Teeth.

Their daughter, Ethlenn in the series, was imprisoned in a tower for most of her life until one of the Danann men found her and impregnated her, fulfilling an age-old prophecy. This also, is one of the actual legends.

Balor and his family were not of the Tuatha dé Danann. They were of the Fomorians, an actual race reputed to be giants, a topic which is covered thoroughly in the non-fiction book, Ancient Aliens and the Age of Giants.

On the surface you need to suspend belief to accept the legends, but as with Age of Giants, we actually do have proof to substantiate at least some of the tales.

Most of Earth’s prehistory is labeled “mythology” because it was handed down orally for generations before making its way into the written record. And then when we actually did write it down, enemies came along and burned the books. The renowned St. Patrick was not a friend of the pagans, and he burned 180 books relating to the druids. These books would surely have included Danann history or beliefs. Book burning was a big thing in early history, in all corners of the world. You didn’t just kill your enemies, you destroyed every vestige of their history from books to buildings. You erased them from memory until all that remained were the stories so easily dismissed.

We reject these ancient epics as fairy tales, but archaeologists keep finding proof that at least portions of ancient legends are genuine, such as unearthing the city of Troy from Greek legend, and giant’s bones in Ireland, and even remnants of the Ogham writing. We’ve unearthed quite a few ruins in Ireland that date back to the Danann era, such as Newgrange.

DelaroseShadesOfMolochIf you couldn’t be a writer, what would you chose to do?

I’d want to work with animals, maybe in wildlife rescue.

What does your Writer’s Den look like?

Gorgeous and quirky. My husband custom-built the desk because I have an aversion to my feet touching the floor, so the desk is taller. Dangling feet are much more comfortable.

All of my favorite things are in this room: a metal floppy-eared dog flashing a peace sign, a colorful painted frog climbing the wall, a reproduction antique world map, sunflowers, owls, mushrooms, and old men tree faces.

DelaroseTheCantorDimensionThe Desert Island Collection: what books make it into your trunk and why?

James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small series, simply because I never grow tired of reading his stories. If you love animals, heartwarming tales, humor, and would love to take a romp through old country Yorkshire, I dare you to give him a read, but you should start with All Creatures because the back story is sequential. They can be read as standalones, however.

Terry Brooks’ Shannara series, being my favorite sword and sorcery fantasy epic. Of course there would also need to be a collection of survival books, plant identification, maybe even the Foxfire series of hillbilly how-to’s. And reading glasses… 🙂

DelaroseAudubonTheDreamThatWouldntDieCare to share an awkward fangirl/fanboy moment, either one where someone was gushing over your work…..or one where you were gushing over another author’s work?

I had to think really hard on this question. I’m not going to name the author and embarrass her since I already did that once. I didn’t know her except from a forum or group somewhere, and there very casually, but I absolutely loved her book.

So, like any gushing fan would do, I friended her on Facebook. (Don’t go looking through my friend’s list because she isn’t there anymore.)

She posted publicly something to the effect of having bad luck dating, or how hard it is to find that perfect man. She didn’t just say it once, she continued to post her frustration.

In my absolute and utter brilliance, I chimed in with dating advice on how to find Mr. Right On, having met and married the man of my dreams. I think it was the “M” word that upset her, as it suggested that she was husband-hunting.

This was not cool. It was not welcome. In fact, it put her in a really awkward position since several of her co-workers were also Facebook friends of the Single Male Persuasion, and they took quite an interest in the dating thread. She was not amused.

Moral of the Story: People don’t want advice, they just want to vent. They are seeking a sympathetic ear. “Oh, you poor thing!” will earn you a lot more brownie points than offers of advice, no matter how well-meaning.

DelaroseTheWizardOfAweWhat is a recurring or the most memorable geeky argument or debate you have taken part in?

Do snakes count as being geeky? When we moved into the neighborhood, the first thing our neighbors did was to warn us about all of the copperhead snakes, as if they were rampant and we should be very afraid.

In the 11 years that we’ve lived here, I’ve identified every single snake that I’ve seen slithering across the yard or in the woods except for one, which I didn’t get a good enough look at.

Not one of these snakes was a copperhead, or poisonous, although one harmless gray rat snake had the look of a poisonous snake. I don’t deny the possibility of copperheads living among us, but it irks me to no end that people kill every snake in sight just because of the copperhead threat that gets passed from neighbor to neighbor upon moving in.

I question whether they are legitimately identifying the copperheads, and because I don’t want all of the snakes killed willy nilly, it is an ongoing discussion. We absolutely do have Eastern king snakes which kill copperheads, and because I want them protected, I try to spread info on how to identify the king snakes.

My last neighborhood post on the topic said:

“King snakes kill copperheads, rattlesnakes, and water moccasins. So it really is a good idea to learn how to recognize them. Protecting king snakes is the same as protecting your cats, dogs, and children, from poisonous snakes.”

See? I’m already engaged in wildlife rescue, LOL! I’ve even been known to rescue spiders… but that’s a topic unto itself. Who remembers the 70s song, “I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes”? It was NOT written for me 🙂

DelaroseKingOfTheForestWhat is the first book you remember reading on your own?

This is like potato chips! I cannot name just one 😉 Memorable books include The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen, of which I had an unusual version. All of the pages were made of a thick, heavy cardboard. I think they were called “board books.”

Dr. Seuss held a prominent position in my childhood library, with my favorite being One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Even today, lines from the book sometimes pop into my head: “This one has a little star, this one has a little car…”

You have to run an obstacle course. Who do you invite along (living or dead, real or fictional)? Will there be a tasty libation involved?

A young, agile clone of myself, to run the course in my stead. Barring that, maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger to do the heavy lifting 😉

DelaroseAlienNightmaresAudiobook link for Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions

Book Blurb: 

Extraordinary true-life chronicles of a UFO alien abductee as revealed through vividly creepy dreams and screen memories. Walk the scary trails with me, haunted by creatures who followed me for decades with night terrors, monstrous visitors, bizarre visions, and fright nights that had me turning on all the lights afraid to go to sleep.

Journey with me into Alien Nightmares full of the dreams, memories, and vivid imagery which led me to believe that extraterrestrials had come calling.

I lived in an amazing world full of terrifying creatures, whirlwinds, bizarre tasks and puzzles, and night visitors who took me and left me feeling drugged. UFOs flew in and out of my dreams for decades and I’d wake up knowing that this dream was not like the others, especially when they left me utterly terrified. There was no such thing as a safe place and I knew it.

Who were they? What did they want? Remember the old saying, “Judge not, lest ye be judged?” Well it’s coming home to roost and it’s riding in on a UFO. Are the aliens the antichrist that the Bible warns of? Or are they our lifeboats to a brave new world? Do they bring a message of empowerment, or are we just rats in a maze? Whoever they are, one thing is certain: We cannot handle their truth.

If you are a believer, you’ll see screen memories from an abductee. If you are a skeptic, you’ll see a child with a big imagination and an adult who experiences extraordinarily vivid nightmares. Either way, God help you if the nightmares ever come and haunt you…

DelaroseFomorianEarthAudiobook link for Fomorian Earth: Star Borne: 1

Book Blurb: 

1500 BC — The Isle of Destiny is overrun by Fomorian giants. Their king, Balor of the Evil Eye, who rules over Humans with an iron fist, keeps other humanoid species as slaves. The giants are untouchable until the starship Vireo, carrying an advanced race of humanoids, comes crashing to Earth.

Caught in the midst of the eve of Samhain, the bloodiest pagan festival of the year, the new arrivals struggle to survive. The Fomorians interpret their presence as that of the prophesied Destroyer. Their mission, seek and destroy whatever fell to Earth, before it destroys them.

Fomorian Earth is speculative science fiction, inspired by the Celtic mythology of the Tuatha dé Danann and Fomorians of ancient Ireland. Today, ancient astronaut theorists are suggesting that both the Fomorians and the Tuatha dé Danann were extraterrestrial astronauts from another star system, and it is from this possibility that the Star Borne epic series comes to life. Interweaving historical fact with science fiction and fantasy, Fomorian Earth brings to life the power struggles, bloody human sacrifices, and treachery of an Earth before Humans became the dominant species.

WARNING: Fomorian Earth, the first book in the Star Borne series, contains mature situations, violence, and language. Not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.

DelaroseShadesOfMolochAudiobook link for Shades of Moloch: Star Borne: 2

Book Blurb:

A kidnapping ignites an intergalactic war, as the demon-child comes of age on Earth. Is he the spawn of the evil god Moloch? When the demon-child teams up with a Molocha sorceress and a powerful druid to journey into the Land of Shadows, nobody knows whether the trio will save the kidnapped Brigit, or sacrifice her to Moloch.

Brigit’s fate heats up when she is thrown into a dungeon with a dead man walking. The Fomorian giant was resurrected from the dead, but what came back seems almost inhuman. Even his wife is terrified that the shade of Moloch lives inside of her now-deranged husband.

While shades of Moloch send icy fingers across Earth, an Algolian warbird approaches Earth from space. The Algolian Admiral Skagg has his finger on the trigger, eager to blast Earth into oblivion. Meanwhile, the Argosy starship Shrike desperately searches for Earth — a planet they know only by name, but not location.

War rages, while star-crossed lovers give in to death as they watch the destruction of the Isle of Destiny, ablaze in a pillar of fire.

Get ready to adventure with medieval warriors, pagan giants, hairy dwarves, starships, and a wee bit of the steamy side of relationships.

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