Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying by Samantha Snyder

Tofu kitty or the book? Tough choice.
Tofu kitty or the book? Tough choice.

Where I Got It: Review copy

Publisher: Aka Associates (2015)

Length: 104 pages

Author’s Page

This book features 50 images to color, each featuring a different quote or saying. Some of these quotes are by famous historical people and all are meant to be inspirational.

Here is an easier page from the book.
Here is an easier page from the book.

I got into this book thinking it was an adult coloring book. Therefore, I expected a certain level of intricacy or detail in the images. That was not so. Most of the images are on the simple side. So, you as the user, can make it more challenging by adding your own coloring techniques like shading. However, I think that makes this book accessible to a wider range of coloring enthusiasts of all ages. If you have kids, this might be the best book for you both to color in, passing it back and forth.

My experience with adult coloring books only involves one other book, so that is what I have to compare with. The paper quality of this book was not what I expected either. It was thinner and the pages tended to curl a little as I worked through it (using markers, not colored pencils). The images are printed on only 1 side, so you don’t bleed through to an image on the backside. However, sometimes my markers did bleed through to the next image. So maybe this book is better suited to those using colored pencils than markers if you are looking for clean final images.

A more complicated page from the book.
A more complicated page from the book.

Since the images are printed on only 1 side of the paper, this means you can cut them out when you are done and do additional arts and crafts with them, like hanging them about as prayer flags. Or, if you have lots of kids over, you can cut them out ahead of time and give each kid a page to color. I liked this flexibility of this particular book.

The recurring theme of positivity via the quotes and sayings was a little overwhelming after a while. I’m a bit of a cynic, so I find I can only spend so much time with this book before I start having trouble taking it seriously. Also, most of the images use the same little stylistic details and coloring that same A or same G over and over again through various images was repetitive.

I received this book at no cost from Word Slinger Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

What I Liked: Appeals to colorers of various ages; images can be used for additional arts & crafts projects.

What I Disliked: Images were a bit repetitive; the paper curled a little with use; the images didn’t vary much in difficulty level.

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