Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book by Johanna Basford

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Good cat, good book, what else does one need?
Good cat, good book, what else does one need?

Where I Got It: Own it

Publisher: Lawrence King Publishing Ltd. (2015)

Length: 86 pages

Author’s Page

This is an adult coloring book that features forest creatures and plants. There’s also an additional quest to find hidden objects and a maze. The images are printed are printed on thicker paper, on each side of a page, and vary in difficulty and detail.

Here we see some of the simpler designs.
Here we see some of the simpler designs.

In short, this is a fantastic coloring book! I love everything about it. First, the images; they are varied in difficulty and subject. Some are single page images that feature a single animal. Some are scenes that span two pages. At the very end, is a most awesome surprise image that spans 4 pages. Also,  please note that the book has a book sleeve which is reversible – both sides can be colored in. Additionally, the actual cover of the book is also available to color in. So while there are only 86 pages to this book, there are well over 170 images to color in.

The paper quality is above what I expected. I have been using markers and I have not had a single bleed through yet. Also, I am a bit tough on my coloring books – I bend them and toss them across the bed and shove them in the closet at night. The binding has held through all that. Yes, even when I crack the book wide open to color right near the middle seem. I have not had one single page pop out.

Two inner pages that nearly mirror each other.
Two inner pages that nearly mirror each other.

I like the idea of this quest – finding the hidden objects to unlock the castle and the final magnificent 4 page image. Of course, I have already peeked at it. I think that quest angle makes the book reusable for story telling to younger kids. If you’re extra creative, you can make up an enchanted forest tale as your kids hunt through the images for the hidden critters and plants. While this is indeed an adult coloring book, I think older kids who are into details would enjoy it as well.

What I Liked: The subject matter; variety in images; good paper quality; hidden items quest; the reversible, colorable book sleeve; the 4 page final spread that ends the quest.

What I Disliked: Nothing! This is a quality book.

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