Virtual Reality Mistress by Jim Lyon

LyonVirtualRealityMistressWhere I Got It: Review copy

Narrator: Xavier Roman

Publisher: Wordwooze (2015)

Length: 1 hour 32 minutes

Author’s Page

Jody is sleep deprived, having difficulty with his insomnia. So, he surfs the net. One night he discovers an interesting product for sale – the virtual reality mistress. This looks like the perfect thing to while away the midnight hours and also to safely explore his sexual desires. Please note, this is most definitely erotica. The virtual reality mistress is a machine with lots of probes that the user attaches or inserts here and there. The user is then pulled into a virtual reality where the fantasy can be lived out in all the senses.

This erotica is not for the faint of heart or the hesitant. If you are easily offended by sex, then this might not be for you. The book consists of one erotica scene after another. The virtual reality mistress is a plot device that allows Jody to easily maneuver from one fantasy to another. There’s no messy emotions or concerns with pregnancy or STDs. This is just straight up sex scenes.

In all the scenes, Jody is the recipient of actions that are for the woman’s pleasure. Most of these are some form of BDSM. The first few scenes start off rather tame. As the book continues, the scenes get more and more creative. In fact, there are some sexual acts that I had not heard of. I definitely wonder if some of them would be pleasurable to either party involved, but Jody enjoyed them and that’s what counts. I want my main character to be having a good time in an erotica.

The writing focuses on the pleasure, the anticipation, the exploration of the unknown. I liked this aspect of the story. Jody certainly has some emotional reactions to some of these fantasies as his comfort boundaries are pushed. Of course, the virtual reality mistress becomes something of a drug to him and he keeps diving back into the fantasies, pushing those boundaries ever further. Personally, I found several of the scenes titillating. Not all the fantasies were for me, but I was able to sit back and enjoy the story, seeing how Jody reacted to the fantasy. I think this book is a fun way to explore your own boundaries.

I received a copy of this audiobook at no cost via the author in exchange for an honest review.

Narration: Xavier Roman started off just a ouch hesitant but quickly got the swing of it. His voice is rich and his pacing excellent. He definitely added another dimension to this book with his narration providing that emotional anticipation and pleasure to many of the scenes.

What I Liked: No messy emotions; it’s a machine so no worries about STDs or pregnancies; Jody becomes addicted, continuing to push the boundaries; most of the scenes focus on the anticipation and pleasure; worthy narration.

What I Disliked: Not all the fantasies were for me.

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