Bloggity Update – Thankfulness

Heldig with a pile of audiobooks. She looks a little evil, does she not?
Heldig with a pile of audiobooks. She looks a little evil, does she not?

As some of you might have noticed, this year has been about the audiobooks. I’m definitely in love with them and I think they have kept me sane of late. As a few of you know, I have been struggling since December 2014 with a new health issue (on top of my long-time little devil called kidney disease). Basically, my phosphorus blood levels are very low. The cause of this is yet undiagnosed, though I continue to undergo various tests. Phosphorus is used to make energy (ATP) for every cell of the body. It is also used by the red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body. If low on phosphorus, then fatigue becomes a constant issue. Literally, I am low on batteries. Some days, it feels like batteries are not included at all.

This new health issue has completely reshaped my life and in some ways, made it smaller. The never-ending, crushing fatigue has been the biggest bear to wrestle. There are many things I have had to give up and one of them is eyeball reading. It is a complete struggle these days. Hence, my switch to nearly 100% audiobooks. I have been trying to adapt, struggling through a few nonfictions, a few graphic novels, and one mystery thriller. But it has been difficult even to read these few books this year. What concentration I can muster up for eyeball reading generally goes into my blogging because I really don’t want this blog to go by the wayside like so much else has.

So, with that, I want to say a big thanks to so many people – folks who read this blog, all the narrators, authors, publishers, and the folks at Audiobook Jukebox who have granted me for-review audiobooks, and my awesome husband. The book blogging community, along with other audiobook aficionados on Facebook and Paperbackswap, have helped to keep me sane and somewhat well socialized. While I rarely have the energy to go out and physically socialize these days, I enjoy all the book discussions on line. I don’t comment as often as I should. Just know that I am lurking. 😉

I entered some audiobook contests earlier this year and won far more than I expected. A big thanks to Tantor (contest was via the weekly audiobook newsletter AudaVoxx) and Highbridge (via the Audio Book Reviewer) for all the audiobooks! Then I also won a lovely pile of audiobook CDs from AudioGals. I review well over 100 books a year, so these will be put to good use.

I don’t know what my life will be like next year, but I expect I will continue to enjoy audiobooks. In time, with a diagnosis and treatment, I hope to return to eyeball reading, as well as all my other activities that I have had to shelve of late. Until then, anyone have a great audiobook recommendation?

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    1. Thanks Melinda. I am doing my best to handle it with humor. And questionable TV. Growing up, we weren’t allowed to watch MTV, so there’s decades of questionable TV for me to catch up on.

  1. Sorry to hear about your illness! I–thankfully very briefly–dealt with kidney disease, and it was some of the worst days of my life. I hope that you find a solution that helps. I’m glad you still have access to books.

    I’m not a big audiobook reader. Fiction in particular feels odd to me. But I did listen to the audiobook version of Cary Elwes’ Princess Bride autobiography, and enjoyed it a lot. Cary Elwes has quite a soothing voice.

    1. The Princess Bride autobiography was awesome. Cary Elwes did a great job with that. Currently I am listening to Neil Patrick Harris’s Choose Your Own Autobiography which is also pretty entertaining.

      Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. Sorry to hear about this, but so glad you still have audiobooks! For recommendations, I really enjoyed the Prospero’s War by Jaye Wells audiobooks. Scott Lynch’s books are also really good in audio format. I know I’ve listed to some other great ones, feel free to ping me for some more recs if you are interested.

    1. I love the Scott Lynch books and the audios are especially good. Love Chains’s voice especially.

      I have heard so many good things about Jaye Wells. I will have to check her stuff out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I am presently reading A Darker Shade of Magic which I received from the Ford Audiobook Club Group on Goodreads. I am enjoying it very much. You might try joining the group on Goodreads. Ford sponsors it, of course, and gives away one free audiobook each month via Audible. The book is discussed throughout the month, and the following month a new book is offered.

    1. Definitely should load that one up. I am part of the group tho not very active on it. Good to hear you recommend the book as I have not read anything by that author.

  4. You are so good to tell us. We too did not know of your health challenge. On a recent road trip we listened to Gray Mountain by John Grisham. Found the beginning slow, but once we were into chapter 5 it got interesting and kept us interested throughout. The narration was confusing at times. Weren’t sure who was talking in some places. All in all an interesting story, if you’ve not read it. Happy listening to you!

  5. I once put an audio book (They were books-on-tape back then) in the cassette player in my truck. It was Rudard Kipling’s Jungle Book. I stuck it in the drive in Amarillo, TX, and, hours later, I rolled into Albuquerque, NM, with tears rolling down my cheeks and sobbing like a child because the Old Wolf was dead.
    I can’t remember who the narrator was. It’s been 35 years ago, now. But if you want to cry like a baby and love every minute of your pain, go get an audio version of Kipling’s Jungle Book. You’ll never be sorry and you’ll feel better knowing that you heard that at least once in your life.
    Another one to shop for would be “The Book of the Dun Cow.” Chauntecleer the Rooster and his barnyard commune duke it out with Satan’s pet rooster, Cockatrice. John Wesley Weasel will drive you wild. You’ll jump up and cheer and stomp your feet and cry, all at the same time. It’s wonderful.
    Best of luck with your health problems. I got a few of my own, and they get worse month by month.
    God bless you.

    Deke Solomon

    1. Hi Deke, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t listened to The Jungle Book yet, but I listened to Kipling’s book ‘Kim’ a few years ago. Quite enjoyed that. I’ll have to look up The Book of the Dun Cow.

      Good luck with your health issues as well.

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