Kushiel's Chosen Part IV

Tofu kitty with a very good book.
Tofu kitty with a very good book.

The Terre D’Ange Cycle by Jacqueline Carey (of which Kushiel’s Chosen is Book 2) is one of my all time favorite series. The red along continues! Everyone is welcome to join in. Here is the SCHEDULE for the read along.

This week, Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow is our host. We’re covering Chapters 37-49, so be prepared for spoilers below!

1. Last week we talked a bit about who might succeed Cesare Stregazza as Doge. This week we learn that he might not be out of the game just yet, after all. What are your thoughts on his discussion and agreement with Phédre?

Well, first it struck me that Phedre is once again being told she is a weapon by an old man in a foreign country (the first time was with the Skaldi in Book 1). So I thought that was pretty cool, that old men seem to see right to the heart of things.

I think Cesare is wise to bide his time and let folks think  he may be bowing out and that he is a bit doddering. They are more likely to giveaway their intentions in front of him. But he walks that thin line too. If folks no longer have confidence in him, because of this act, then the people in general may no longer want him in power.

2. Melisande resurfaces – and right where I did NOT expect to find her! What about you? And what do you think of her latest ambitious designs? When she and Phédre speak again after her capture, Phédre calls her mad; Melisande hints at “playing a god’s game”. Is this ambition or is it in fact madness?

The first time I read this book, I had that jaw-dropping moment when it was revealed where Melisande had been ‘hiding’. Her disguise is perfect though, plus she has a powerful protector.

As always, Melisande is playing the long game. Sure, they plan to kill Ysandre within weeks or months and take the Terre D’Ange throne shortly thereafter, but it is Melisande’s son that she plans to have rule for decades. right now, he is like…. 6 months? 3 months? old. So a lot could go wrong between now and when he is 20. Perhaps she just views Imriel as another game piece on the board.

Melisande is having delusions of grandeur. She’s got a lot going for her – wit, intelligence, charm, beauty, the espionage training, the education in politics & history. But she lacks one thing – she is not god touched.

3. Things fall apart for Phédre and Joscelin after so much pent-up angst – but our Cassiline isn’t done with her yet, thank goodness! Phédre’s escape from La Dolorosa, and Joscelin’s attempted rescue, is some of the most nail-biting drama we’ve seen yet in this story. Do you think Joscelin will manage to find her, or will he play it smarter and go to Ysandre instead?

When I first read this book, I couldn’t fathom what Joscelin would do. He’s not very good on open water – being all seasick and such. So he would have to put his trust in someone with a boat and the know how… and then where would he begin looking?

And Ysandre is coming to La Serenissima soon, probably all ready on her way. So he could wait for her to get there and then try to seek an audience. But Melisande is definitely looking for him and they might have it out with the city watch that he is wanted man. Not to many choices for our hero, huh?

4. New character alert! What are your initial impressions of Kazan and Glaukos? How much trouble is Phédre in this time?

Phedre’s in for some high seas adventure! Glaukos seems like a kindly uncle from the beginning. I think Phedre has some sort of magic charm over older men. Kazan definitely has a chip or two on his shoulders, but Phedre also has a unique way of dealing with men with pent up anger. 😉

Other Tidbts:

That final tumble between Phedre and Joscelin was a little heartbreaking. Lots of feelings floating around this section. Joscelin specifically says that Phedre doesn’t need him. How wrong he was.

Ah, Fortun & Remy! Jacqueline Carey sure does know how to yank on my heart strings.

I’m very glad that Phedre released all the prisoners even if some or most of them died that night. I think her comment about the prison being a mockery (or some such) of the goddess’s grief was spot on.

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4 thoughts on “Kushiel's Chosen Part IV”

  1. No.1 – totally, spot on. It’s like you said exactly what I was thinking – thanks for that because I don’t think I articulated it at all! I do remember having a cross feeling at the end of the meeting just purely on behalf of Phedre.
    I think that prophecy of finding something in the last place you look has taken on a new meaning – I think she meant the last place you would expect! I certainly didn’t see that coming and a baby as well! Get out of here!
    I can’t imagine how bad Joscelin is feeling right now – he thought nobody needed him and how very wrong he was. Two dead and one missing! He must be absolutely distraught. I never even thought about him sitting and waiting it out where he is now – what a great plan.
    I’m loving Phedre is now back on the sea – I think I like reading books that are set on board ship – I didn’t realise that until Lynch and Carey.
    Lynn 😀

    1. Definitely the last place she expected! Melisande is such a wonderful, beautiful evil baddie to hate!

      Yeah, Joscelin is going to need months of therapy after this is all over.

  2. I hadn’t noticed that parallel to the old man in the first book. I guess it takes wisdom and experience to see through Phedre’s beauty to the dangerous person inside.

    Now that you bring it up, I think perhaps Melisande is not taking into account that babies actually grow up into separate human beings. Given what we know of Melisande. It seems entirely possible that 20-year-old Imriel may want nothing to do with his mother and her schemes.

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