Interview: Dean Warren, Author of The Pacification of Earth Series

WarrenAmericanRevoltEveryone, please welcome Dean Warren, author of military scifi and futuristic ecological disasters! We have a nice chat about his books, how humans affect the environment, and much more. Enjoy!

Why do you write?

For me, writing a novel or a short story is day-dreaming.  I pose myself a challenge or a circumstance and flesh out an alter ego and supporting characters to encounter it.  I’m intellectually consumed by science, so most of my plots involve that.  I wondered what would happen if we hard wired a computer to a man’s brain.  You’d have world-taming logic, memory, and information resources, allied with aggression and lots of negative emotion.  I called that novel Man Over Mind.  A second novel explores the results of a cure for age–which geneticists are working on.  That novel I called Growing Young.  And so on.  Currently, I’m consumed with humanity’s fate.  When I went to college, the world’s head count was 3 billion; today its over 7; the World Bank says by the end of this century it will be 12.  Desperate people are piling up on the shores of North Africa looking to roost and feed in Europe; we have Central Americans besieging our southern border.  Southwest Asia is brimming with refugees.  Billions exhaling CO2 and burning coal, wood, and oil in order to live.  The world is warming, the seas will rise, and violence will escalate.  We’re like the lemmings, en route to jumping as a species off the cliff.  I’m currently writing a fifth novel on that predicament.

WarrenLeavingEarthWhat now-dead author would you like to interview? What are some of the things you would chat about?

Arthur Koestler. He was publishing way back in my college, formative days.  He was basically a political writer, attacking Russian communism.  I, too, am political, although not nearly as profound, or successful.  I would ask him whether he thought there was hope for humanity, how should we concerned people behave.  Of course, he committed suicide.  I think he would claim illness rather than cowardice

Are minions/sidekicks just throwaway devices in a tale? Can they become more? Do they need to become more?

Minions are key in an author’s efforts to properly portray the human environment in which the action takes place.

WarrenTheBombAndItsDeadlyShadowIf you could, what book/movie/TV series would you like to experience for the first time all over again and why?

I liked G.R.R.Martin’s Game of Thrones‘ first four books.  Lots of skullduggery, action, good characters.  Intellectual fantasy.

Reality in my fiction: how important is it? Lengthy travel, cussing, and bathroom breaks happen in real life. How do you address these mundane occurrences in your writings?

I’m old fashioned, I guess, and try to get to the point, either action-wise or intellectual-wise, without delving into dull, dirty linen.

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