Interview: Martin Wurst, Narrator of Zombies in Love

FleischerZombiesInLoveEveryone, please welcome Martin Wurst. We chat about little kitty snores, Wonder Woman, clapping like a monkey, and plenty more. I am sure you will be as entertained as I am! And don’t forget to check out the interview (along with audiobook/ebook giveaway) with author Nora Fleischer.

If you could be an extra in a book you have narrated, what would it be?

Zombies In Love is my first book, so I’d be the creepy guy fogging up the window outside while some zombie-love was going on.  Awww, yeah. (gyrates)  Or a brick, but you’ll have to read the book to know what I’m talking about.

If you had to choose someone to rescue you from the jaws of certain death would it be a superhero, supernatural creature, or a space alien?

Does every dude say Wonder Woman?  A beautiful woman would ease the psychological damage.

What has been your worst or most difficult job? How does it compare to narrating?

This is going to sound bizarre, but I think the worst thing I can think of is being a seat-filler for a number of sitcoms in LA.  Yeah, it’s money, you get paid to watch live shows and clap like a monkey, but it’s mind-numbingly awful.  You feel the brain damage taking place as you’re forced to laugh at actors mugging and spouting cheeseball lines. You watch the same warm-up comedians do their same acts over and over because they’re trying to keep the crowd pumped up for the show.  If you’re willing to do a dance-off and humiliate yourself you might win a t-shirt or something. You get paid minimum wage, you’re treated like cattle, and you’re stuck watching the worst that television has to offer.  It’s a novelty for 5 minutes and then you’re done.  I would much rather spend a day editing out my mouth noises.

Via voice acting, have you been inadvertently lured outside your reading comfort zone?

I like horror and zombies, so in that respect, no.  Reading something that can qualify as a sex scene is a little uncomfortable, but as long as my girlfriend is fast asleep in the next room, I don’t have to feel weird about it.

What is the first book you remember reading on your own? Did you read it out loud and make funny voices?

I can’t remember the first book.  My 3rd grade teacher read “The Witches” and “The BFG” out loud and that had a huge impact.  I remember reading as a group too; one student would do a few paragraphs and then hand it off to the next student.  That was always a good opportunity for a laugh, to see if you could impress the teacher with your reading, then maybe get a nod of approval to read an extra paragraph.  Marty is on a ROLL, sorry kids, you’re all FIRED!  I deem Mr. Wurst Master Storyteller and Expert of Amusing Voices.

Have you kept a vocal blooper reel for your own entertainment?

I made a clip for my girlfriend.  Our cat “Tune” wouldn’t leave me alone.  She would jump up on the table and rub her face against the microphone.  I also had to stop many takes because I’d hear something weird in the background and I’d find her snoring on the couch, haha.  Little kitty snores.  So I’d get up, walk over, pet her once, which would prompt a “puurrRRRGH?” response, then sit back down.  That would buy me 15 minutes until she started snoring again. So I made a little clip of her purrs and saved some snores for our amusement.

FleischerZombiesInLoveZombies in Love book blurb:

Jack Kershaw just wants to hold on to his new job at Lisa Alioto’s pizza parlor, and to keep Lisa from finding out that he’s a zombie. Jack learns that he and Lisa are in serious danger.

His second chance at life is the inadvertent result of a lab experiment by two graduate students. Winthrop University – a school which knows how to keep its secrets – will do anything necessary to conceal that someone on campus raised the dead. With the help of Boston’s zombie horde, can Jack and Lisa escape Winthrop’s sinister clutches?

Narrator Bio:

Martin Wurst is a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles. You can find him on Twitter @TheWurstTweet. You can find his comedy on And you can catch him on Audible.

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  1. I loved this interview! Especially about whether you’d rather permanently live in another world or just visit for a couple hours. Ben Franklin would be a great person to meet.

    I think I’d rather visit many places for only a few hours at a time. As long as I could return to my own world in between. It’s kind of why I read so much in the realm of fantasy and sci-fi. lol

    As to the question, Am I superstitious? Erratically so. Sometimes I get the feeling I need to toss that spilled salt over my shoulder or cover up the mirror in the bedroom while I’m sleeping, and other times I’m stepping on all the cracks and delighting in breaking mirrors.

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