Imperial Power by Dean Warren

WarrenImperialPowerWhere I Got It: Review copy

Narrator: David Dietz

Publisher: Dean Warren (2014)

Length: 9 hours 41 minutes

Series: Book 3 The Pacification of Earth

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This book picks up perhaps a few months after Book 2. Some parts of the Arabic world have joined forces with Europe and North America under the command of Benjamin Bjorn. Now China presents the largest organized threat. But to pacify them, Bjorn will have to contend with betrayal and assassination attempts. Plus, he has that loud ex-wife Jenny and his young son to pacify too.

This book started off promising. We have a very engaging action scene that involves a near fatal plane crash. Luckily for them they had a competent pilot that put them on the ground in almost one piece. Then Bjorn checks out the lady pilot’s feminine attributes. Sigh…. But they have to run off quickly or be captured, tortured, and killed.  So no time for flirtations.

Book 2, The Crescent Strikes, had a plethora of dated cultural stereotypes. I am glad to say that the author largely moved away from these and we had more individual character opinions. That was nice to see and let me be a bit more engaged with the plot even with it still being mostly predictable. We also still have a limited number of female characters and mostly they are eye candy and bed warmers. Bjorn’s soon-to-be ex wife Jenny is still a knock out, though she does have a touch more political power in this book. Meanwhile, Bjorn’s new love interest starts off with a career and thoughts of her own and quickly becomes a pretty thing to hang on his arm. Sigh.

Setting all that aside, the issue of contraception comes up often in this book. The world is highly over populated and if the world governments don’t get a hold on it, then the human race may very well be doomed. Still, the methods for national contraception (spraying hormones in the air on a regular basis) were quite ludicrous. A quick web search would turn up some pretty basic info about hormonal contraception, the different types, and what such hormones do to men versus women, the young versus the elderly. There is no one single solution in the world of contraception. There was also this universal pill anyone, male or  female, could take to suppress sperm or ova. Again, this quirked my eyebrow in disbelief.

Additionally, Bjorn requires his new girlfriend to take the pill… but the man has yet to get a vasectomy himself. In fact our fearless leader takes no active responsibility when it comes to contraception. So, that made it hard to believe the man was taking the world’s population issue seriously. Bjorn definitely has a blind spot when it comes to this issue and perhaps even a sexist attitude.

Alright, putting my little contraception soap box away. Besides those glaring issues, the pacing of the book does move the reader along at a nice clip. Once again, we have a nice balance of action and contemplation, of politics and sexytimes. There’s still some tension between the Achievers and the Welfies, but we are seeing that more and more folks are seeing eye to eye as they work together. For me, this book was pretty meh but for someone looking for a near-future military fiction without too much depth, this could be fun.

I received this audiobook at no charge from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.

The Narration: David Dietz did another fine job. He had a variety of accents to pull off as well as male & female voices. He did well imbuing the characters with emotion when the story called for it.

What I Liked: Good pacing; underdog hero still leading the way; the various cultures are starting to play together well.

What I Disliked: The females are under represented; little research went into contraception; our hero doesn’t partake of the contraception; rather predictable; ladies are mostly pretty to look at and fun to bed.

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    1. This is the author. I also replied to the review of The Crescent Strikes.
      Sorry for my gender bias. I’m working on a sequel to the sequels, a fourth volume, in which we are now past the global warming tipping point, the oceans are rising toward another 100 meters, storms are thrundering, and the tropics are unlivable in. A major protagonist is the seven year old son of Bjorn. Male again, alas. Population decimated by ugly nature, not contraception.

        1. Hi. Try my book, Leaving Earth. Also in Audiobooks, or Amazon. Again, gender bias though. The seas are rising. Have you taken in James Hansen’s latest?

          1. Hi Dean – I checked out Leaving Earth. That does look like fun. It’s been a while since I read James Hansen, but yes, I like his stuff and some of it was probably required reading when I was getting my Environmental Science degree.

    2. My youngest son graduated in Environmental Studies from Utah State, works now for the Environment Department of the State of Alaska, In charge of fixing the polluted acreage the U.S. left after WW II. I hope you do as well.
      Dean Warren

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