Anne Manx in Lives of the Cat by Larry Weiner

WeinerAnneManxInLivesOfTheCatWhere I Got It: I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks!

Narrators: Claudia Christian, Patricia Tallman, Bob Arsena, Barry Hishberg, and you can see the complete cast list HERE.

Publisher: Radio Repertory Co. of America (2001)

Orchestral score & Sound mixing: Angelo Panetta

Length: 1 hour 45 minutes

Series: Book 1 Anne Manx

Author’s Page

Anne Manx is a good cop in an unraveling situation. Corruption permeates the police force as well as the local sector government. After stepping up to put an end to a bank heist situation, Annie is put on suspended leave without pay. However, when her cop boyfriend ends up in the middle of it, she can’t stay away. Unfortunately, Annie dies. Luckily for us, she comes back to life with a wicked headache. Crooked cops, powerful weapons, a kidnapping, and Annie’s ability to keep on ticking all come together in this most entertaining space adventure.

Once again, I was kept entertained by another campy space adventure from the folks at RRCA. Having recently listened to Book 6 in this series, it was great to go back and see where it all started for Anne Manx. It was also nice to see Jean Richmond here in the beginning too. She’s on the police force as well, but she has a  much more flexible moral compass than does Anne Manx. Even from the beginning, these two make great foils for one another.

The dialogue is quick and humorous. I especially liked the little girl who was kidnapped. She seems to take it all in stride, demanding sometimes outrageous things from her captors. Anne has the most internal monologue and self-deprecating humor is often used. This made it easy to connect with her as I think most people have that inner monologue going on.

The adventure is fun and fast. These two thieves, the Carson brothers, have stolen a powerful weapon, along with kidnapping the kid. Anne is having this mental break down as she comes to terms with what  she is. Meanwhile her boyfriend ends up pretty injured, plus there is betrayal among the ranks. Moments of revelation or reflection punctuate the action, which gives the story a good pace.

It’s great to see that this series started off so strong, and has only gotten tighter, more refined as it has gone on. I look forward to exploring more titles from RRCA.

The Narration: This book was a full audio experience. All the voice actors were great. of course Anne Manx and Jean Richmond are my favorite characters. The story is complimented with a full music score and sound effects. These do not ever drown out the dialogue. 

What I Liked: The birth of the Anne Manx character; betrayal; plenty of action; snappy comebacks; internal arguments; left me satisfied, ready to seek out more. 

What I Disliked: Nothing – I really enjoyed this book.

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