A Gentlewoman's Chronicles by Michael Coorlim

CoorlimAGentlewomansChroniclesWhere I Got It: Won a copy from the author in a giveaway (thanks!).

Narrator: Dawn Hyde

Publisher: Michael Coorlim (2013)

Length: 4 hours 39 minutes

Series: Galvanic Century

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This book contains 3 novellas from the Galvanic Century series: Sky Pirates Over London, The Tower of Babbage, and Fine Young Turks.

You can see, I have previously listened to and reviewed Sky Pirates Over London. It was nice to revisit it here. I enjoyed it once again. Aldora Fiske is a great character, a woman who knows what she wants in life but is still trying to figure out how to hold on to her independence without pissing off too many people. After all, this is Victorian steampunk England and manners and station must be considered in all that Aldora does.

Eccentric scientist Charles Babbage is at the heart of The Tower of Babbage. He and a film crew were exploring some ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico when they went missing. Aldora, never being one to leave a friend lost and unaccounted for if she can help it, heads into the heart of Mexico to find him. This was a fun jaunt into a culture and place that I find fascinating. I really enjoyed this story and found Aldora to be at her best because she was out of her native culture and place.

Fine Young Turks was also good. Aldora has a marriage of convenience drawing nigh (which was hinted at in Sky Pirates Over London) but before she takes up the ball and chain, she travels to the Ottoman Empire. Since this is alternate history, Coorlim was able to do something very interesting with the Ottoman Empire: he gave men and women equal rights. Of course this gets Aldora thinking about all the rights she lacks back home in high London society. A mass kidnapping is at the heart of a mystery and Aldora settles in to figure it out.

All in all, Aldora is awesome. I like her internal monologue, that has some cutting humor, and the practical way she takes to weapons of any sort. However, she is often the only female in the story, surrounded by men of all sorts. So I would have liked the genders a little more balanced. Still, with that mild criticism, this is an excellent way to dive into The Galvanic Century.

Narration: Dawn Hyde was an excellent choice for the voice of Aldora. I really enjoyed her high London accent and the emotions the narrator imbued the character with. She had clear, distinct voices for both men and women. She also pulled off foreign accents as needed.

What I Liked: Aldora kicks ass; plenty of weapons and gadgets; steampunk; alternate history for the Ottoman empire; the Mayan ruins.

What I Disliked: Could use a few more female characters; the cover art doesn’t really give off a steampunk vibe.

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