Frostborn by Lou Anders

Waffles snoozing
Waffles snoozing

Where I Got It: Won a copy from SF Signal (thanks!).

Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers (2014)

Length: 336 pages

Series: Book 1 Thrones & Bones

Author’s Page

Karn doesn’t particularly want to run the family farm in Norrongard. However, his father is adamant that he learn everything about the farm and the business, including successfully conducting trades. Yet Karn’s head is more interested in traveling and the board game Thrones & Bones. Meanwhile, high up in the ice mountains, Thianna is having her own trouble fitting in. She is half human and half frostgiant and she has spent her whole life proving she is more giant than human. Too tall for a human and too short for a giant, she feels she doesn’t truly fit in anywhere.

The two worlds collide at the Moot, where trading occurs between humans and giants. Not all have held to this tradition and each year the number of attendees gets smaller. So of course Thianna and Karn are the only two young people at the event. If I have any quibble with this book, it is this one little point. Why were they the only young people at this event (and for much of the book, tho there are some giant younglings)? Anyway, back to the plot.

Pretty soon, the evil scheme of a relative unfolds and the two of them have to join forces to escape, and then defeat a plethora of baddies. There’s some undead viking warriors, a magnificent dragon, multi-headed trolls, and some wyvern warrior ladies. Sometimes they face them together and sometimes they are on their own.

Karn has to come to grips with the betrayal of a family member. While on this adventure, he realizes how important family and farm are. Meanwhile, Thianna struggles with her identity when the wyvern warriors show up demanding an item that belonged to her mother. One could say this is a coming of age story, but foremost it is a wickedly entertaining adventure tale. Weaving myth and magic into practical characters, Lou Anders will keep his readers entertained. So looking forward to book 2!

What I Liked: Various myths woven into the story; Karn often uses logic and wit while Thianna uses heart and strength; fine adventure tale; plenty of interesting and entertaining baddies; a touch of magic; coming of age story; wonderful cover art; very satisfying end.

What I Disliked: One very small quibble: Why are there no other young people at the Moot & fr much of the book?

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7 thoughts on “Frostborn by Lou Anders”

  1. I see this book is “tortoiseshell-approved.” 🙂

    “Too tall for a human and too short for a giant, she feels she doesn’t truly fit in anywhere.” I know the feeling (says the guy who’s just under six and a half feet tall and recently moved to a part of the US where anyone over five-ten is “really big.”)

    It does seem strange that a story with young protagonists wouldn’t have other young characters. I wonder if this is due to the audiobook version having been “streamlined” from a written version in which there ARE more youngsters. (My own experience with audiobooks is limited, but I remember some favorite scenes and characters from novels getting left out of the audio versions for the sake of keeping them to a manageable length.)

    1. This is the hardback paper edition. I read it a few months back (took me a while since I read slowly these days).

      I know what you mean about tall vs. short being relative. I am 5’2″ and that is as tall as many of the men around here. So I have never really felt short.

  2. I just finished this the other day and I enjoyed it so much. Nice to see another recent review. I agree with you, the end was very satisfying. Much more so than I expected as I thought it would just end prematurely, to be continued in the upcoming novel. Glad that wasn’t the case.

    I’m short, for a man, at 5’6″, and I don’t often think about it. I’ve almost always dated girls taller than me and married a woman taller than me. When I’m most cognizant of it is when buying, or trying to buy, quality shoes, as my feet are in that weird in between kid and adult size which makes finding shoes that fit, difficult. Or, when on those rare occasions, I meet a guy shorter than me. Then suddenly I’m very aware and feel strangely tall.

    1. When I read about some character bemoaning the fact that they are a little short (not like genetically a dwarf), I kind of roll my eyes. It’s all relative and I don’t think people should get too hung up on height.

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