Two Serpents Rise – Part IV

GladstoneTwoSerpentsRisingHello everyone! Welcome to the Two Serpents Rise read along! It’s the final week (sniffle) but no worries! There’s chatter of doing a read along of the third book, Full Fathom Five, though we might hold off until July to accommodate folks. We’ll keep you posted.

This week, Lynn E. from Little Lion Lynnet’s  is your host, so make sure to swing by her blog to see what she thinks, along with everyone else thinks.

1. I think we all pegged Mal for involved with whatever is going wrong in Dresediel Lex after the way Book 3 ended last week. How do you feel about discovering how deep that involvement goes?

I think it was clear from the beginning that Mal is an independent thinker. I mean you would have to be to be successful at cliff running. That isn’t a sport for followers, but for leaders. As we learned more and more about her, I had this feeling that she was deeply involved in whatever was going down. Still, it was a bit of a shock to see how dedicated to her beliefs she was and how far she would go. I liked Mal and because of that I wanted to think well of her. However, destroying a whole city and rebuilding from the rubble is not the way to wins friends and influence people.

2. Caleb and Temoc have to work together to save Dresediel Lex (and the world) from certain destruction. Do you think they make a good team?

Uh, no. For a brief moment, it seemed that Caleb had won his father over to giving his option a chance and it was interesting to see them work together. Caleb still had his defenses up and was sometimes hesitant to do as told. But Temoc had no hesitation in working with his son. In fact, he seemed proud and satisfied.

Then the jerk had to go and betray his son’s tentative trust once again this time by knocking him on the head and nearly sacrificing his best friend. Oh yeah, Caleb will need therapy for that. Temoc has probably destroyed any chance of having a meaningful relationship with his son too.

3. What do you think of the narrative’s overall treatment of Teo? Especially in light of her role in the finale?

I really liked Teo. While this story wasn’t about her, her moments in the story had weight. So when she temporarily became the damsel in distress at the end, I didn’t feel that that was her only role in the story. Especially since she turns around and is the one to tear the contract and get Lord Kopal to put in an appearance.

4. In the epilogue Caleb seems to have found a way to compromise between the ways of his father and the new world brought about by the God Wars. Do you think he’ll succeed in his goals?

We’ve seen that Caleb can be very tenacious when he is chasing after something. So, yes, I believe he will make it work. And, right now, it looks like Lord Kopal is willing to give him enough support to give it a try. If Kopal decides to stop supplying the soul stuff at some point, then I am sure that Caleb and Teo will put on a highly successful charity drive to gather enough soul stuff annually to keep the Sister Serpents happy. It might involve bake sales. Perhaps a charity run over rooftops and flinging from spire to spire.

Other Tidbits:

While Mal was on the destructive path, I can still imagine her in all her glory essentially channeling the might of the serpent sisters. Mal is athletic to begin with but the added power would make her a deity. Ah, I wish I was an artist and could do some fan art for this book.

The large crowds that gathered to riot were crazy! And since so much cultural knowledge had been set aside or lost, very few folks remembered that the wide main road, San Silva I think, wasn’t created for the people, but for the gods. Flee you mortals! Flee if you can!

I really enjoyed Book 1, but I definitely enjoyed this book even more. I think it was because of all the wonderful Aztec cultural awesomeness squeezed into every nook and crannie.

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10 thoughts on “Two Serpents Rise – Part IV”

  1. 1. After reading part 3 I wasn’t surprised to find out how deeply she was involved, but the Bay Station massacre was still a shock. I wonder if she factored in the people’s reaction to all her violence.

    2. For a little while I thought Caleb and Temoc would sort their issues out, but then things ended up getting even worse than they ever were!

    I also liked that detail about how the road hadn’t been built for humans 🙂

    1. I was a bit shocked at the Bay Station massacre, but then it made total sense to me once we saw what Mal accomplished by doing that.

      Caleb and Temoc, Caleb and Mal, Teo and her girlfriend – so many difficult relationships. I really like how they aren’t all neat and steady.

  2. The ending of this one lacked a little something somehow for me. I couldn’t help feeling that Mal and Temoc’s behaviour came as a surprise. I’d never really trusted Mal because of the secrets that she was keeping but I definitely didn’t expect her to behave the way she did. It was like at the very end the author wanted us to really dislike her which I hadn’t felt like that through the rest of the story. I also felt similarly with Temoc I hadn’t particularly disliked him through the story, in fact I felt a bit blank towards him but then at the end he just suddenly turned into a bit of a maniac!
    I do like the world that Gladstone has created here though.
    Lynn 😀

    1. Well, I guessed that Temoc wasn’t playing with a full deck of cards. There’s his radical take on religion, watching his son while he sleeps, even wanting to know why Caleb hadn’t told him he was seeing someone. So I wasn’t surprised that he made a desperate attempt to sate the rampaging serpents.

  3. Mmmm… I really liked the gradual build-up to how involved Mal was in the end and yet I found it a bit of a surprise to see how far she’d go. I hadn’t expected her to be the one behind the Bay Station massacre! Involved deeply, yes. That deeply, no.

    I wonder what Temoc would have done if Teo hadn’t insisted on coming along. Was he originally planning to sacrifice Caleb? He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to go anywhere without a plan.

    1. Good point. It would have been intense if Temoc had attempted to sacrifice Caleb. I don’t think Temoc would have given his life up on the altar.

  4. I think I liked this one more than the last book too, but it’s a close call! I ended up liking that Mal didn’t go the way we expected I think since it makes me realize that Gladstone isn’t going to just follow typical comfortable plot lines. So agreed about the image of Mal with the serpents’ power, that would be gorgeous art!

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