Kushiel's Dart Read Along – The Schedule

Heldig and a very good book
Heldig and a very good book

It’s time. This has been kicking around in the back of my head for some time. I love doing read alongs and discussing the minutiae of a good book. The Terre D’Ange Cycle by Jacqueline Carey (of which Kushiel’s Dart is Book 1) is one of my all time favorite series. In particular, I am forever enamored of Kushiel’s Dart. My man and I have read this book so many times, the covers have fallen off more than one copy.

Here is the current schedule.

Week 1: May 10, Chapters 1-8, Hosted by Dab of Darkness
Week 2: May 17, Chapters 9-18, Hosted by Tethyan Books
Week 3: May 24, Chapters 19-26, Hosted by Over the Effing Rainbow
Week 4: May 31, Chapters 27-36, Hosted by Dab of Darkness
Week 5: June 7, Chapters 37-45, Hosted by Igret’s Corner
Week 6: June 14, Chapters 46-54, Hosted by Books Without Any Pictures
Week 7: June 21, Chapters 55-63, Hosted by FaeStruck’s Reviews & More
Week 8: June 28, Chapters 64-73, Hosted by Lynn’s Book Blog
Week 9: July 5, Chapters 74-83, Hosted by EmmaMaree.com
Week 10: July 12, Chapter 84-END, Hosted by Over the Effing Rainbow

Nancy Heath has volunteered to be a back up host through the read along, should the need arise. Thank you Nancy!

And here is the current list of participators:

Cara at @Chickowits will be a lurker

As always, folks are welcome to jump in and join us. You don’t have to be a host or a blogger. You can always choose the easy route and tackle the weekly discussion in the comments of the hosting blog. We also have a Goodreads Group started for SF/F Read Alongs in general, and there is a specific folder for this read along. You are welcome to follow the fun there as well. If you want to be on the weekly email, just leave me a comment or shoot me an email with KUSHIEL’S DART in the subject (nrlymrtl@gmail.com).

I am VERY excited be reading this book with a group and such a fine group we have!

56 thoughts on “Kushiel's Dart Read Along – The Schedule”

  1. This sounds fun. I have it as the e-book, but I am in the process of moving to a new country at the moment and I’m not sure I will be able to follow along (although there is always time for reading).

    1. You’re welcome to follow along and participate at your own convenience. Some folks merely comment on the weekly discussion questions at the host’s blog. I’ll add you to the email list and we welcome your participation!

  2. My all time, very favorite book. Hands down. Not too much of a commenter, but love, love,love hearing what other people find. I’m always the person that recommends it!

  3. Hello, I’d be happy to join in and host a week. 🙂 Never read this before, so quite excited to give it a go!

    1. Hi E. Nice to have you aboard. We have 1 week left that needs a host – Week 9. Does that work for you? Also, go a head and share the link to your blog, etc. here.

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