What Lies in Darkness by Jeff Seymour

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Narrator: Jeff Seymour

Publisher: Rough Path Press (2014)

Length: 1 hour

Author’s Page

This is Ellie Mailer’s story. She watches out for her little sister, Georgie, in a house that is coming apart at the seems. Her parents drink and fight. Her degenerate uncle recently moved in and she can hear every move he makes in his upstairs bedroom because it is right above her own room. Toss in some bad storms knocking out the electricity and a man with darkness for a face, and you get some pretty bad nightmares.

This is a horror story, no doubt about that that. It’s nitty gritty and Ellie is my kind of heroine. She doesn’t have all the answers, but she does have guts and a purpose: protect Georgie. She doesn’t kid herself, but she also doesn’t leave herself out of the equation. If the darkness is going to consume her, literally, then it will have to work hard to do so.

The darkness itself is wicked but also clever. It does have patience, and brutality. This combination makes it much more interesting than just some evil that slashes and breaks for fun without pausing for breath. Also, it means that Ellie has to out think this malevolence.

All in all, it was a pretty entertaining piece for a lunch break. Though I would definitely keep the volume down if you are at work. Ellie doesn’t mince her cuss words.

Narration: Jeff Seymour did a pretty good job narrating his own work. He has the range of emotion the story called for. However, he lacks female voices. He still imbues his voice with Ellie’s kick ass attitude.

What I Liked:  The cover art; Ellie and her goal of protecting her little sister; the evil is a thinking evil; the ending was very satisfying.

What I Disliked:  The narration could use a little polishing.

6 thoughts on “What Lies in Darkness by Jeff Seymour”

  1. Jeff Seymour put a message up on Goodreads about his idea for putting audiobooks up on YouTube and did not get any positive feedback the last time I read it.

    I thought his book was pretty good but the narration was not all that great. He did not really have any voices for any of the characters other than the shadow man. The sound had an echo in it like he needs to put up some sound dampening material on the walls of his studio.

    1. I agree. These are all good observations and I think I was being gentle in my review of the audio production/narration as I think the author was more focused on getting his pet project (free audiobooks on YouTube) up and running.

    1. It’s fun because the main character fights back against the evil. Is it scary? Well, that depends on you. It didn’t give me nightmares.

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