Is Biocentrism Dead? by Raj Bogle

BogleIsBiocentrismDeadWhere I Got It: Review copy from the narrator (thanks!)

Narrator: Valerie Gilbert

Publisher: Lloyd Lewis (2014)

Length: 54 minutes

Author’s Page

This is an interesting little book on biocentrism. It is great for those who haven’t ventured into this philosophy before (such as myself). The concept is well explained along with the history of how it came about.

What I took away from this book is that biocentrism puts biological life at the center of everything. This philosophy incorporates a deep respect for any life, human, non-human, plant, etc. Humans are a part of the world, and the larger universe, instead of being held above or aloof from it. As a biologist, there was much in this book that I resonated with.

The book goes on to contemplate what was before the universe and gets rather philosophical, contemplating if life itself birthed the universe instead of the universe birthing life. While this book places biocentrism as a science and a theory, I don’t feel that it is quite there. A theory is testable, and this concept hasn’t been pushed that far yet. Some may place this idea in the realm of psuedoscience.

Over all, it was an educational piece. Even if you don’t subscribe to this concept as a theory, it is still worthy of contemplation. I very much like the idea of biology being at the center of everything, instead of physics or chemistry.

Narration:  Valerie Gilbert was a great narrator for this book. She performed in a clear voice with excellent pacing. She had the right mix of questioning and enthusiasm.

What I Liked: Educational; interesting concepts; great for beginners.

What I Disliked:  Nothing – I thought it was a very informative piece.

4 thoughts on “Is Biocentrism Dead? by Raj Bogle”

  1. Thank you for the review! I actually rather like the theory of biocentrism, to me it is the ultimate respect for all of Creation, no matter who you think created it. It is a beautiful world, and the more we respect the integrity of the whole, the more we can witness the magnificence of our interconnectedness, from rocks in Singapore to flowers in Montana. Have a beautiful Sunday, everyone! Valerie (the narrator)

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