Three Parts Dead – Part I

GladstoneThreePartsDeadHello everyone! Welcome to the Three Parts Dead read along! You can catch the schedule over HERE. Feel free to join us int he comments if you like!

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1. Max Gladstone isn’t holding any hands here, we’re dropped straight into the world (which is a bit ironic given the start – but I’ll get to that) and expected to pick up and run with it.  Are you enjoying the style and, more to the point,  what ‘reveals’ have been the most surprising for you so far??

I think this is great! I love books like this that treat the reader like they can figure stuff out and run with the rest. I did have to make sure I could dedicate a good chunk of my brain to the storyline, at first. As I am listening to the audiobook, this was especially important.

I really am enjoying the style as the main character, Tara, has a sense of humor that is something like my own. Plus the world is fascinating.

The gargoyle face removal was the biggest reveal for me! Yikes! I did NOT see that coming and we had to wait and see why Tara did that, and what she planned to do with the face.

2. At the start of the book Tara graduates and is cast out of school (literally from a great height) simultaneously – any ideas about why that might be?

Haha! I am sure her mouth may have had something to do with it. Also, she doesn’t seem to keep close to social norms. Like later she decides to wake up some corpses in order to protect the town, yet doesn’t really consider how the townsfolk would feel about that until it is too late. She strikes me as someone who jumps in and does whatever it is and then considers the fall out later.

So, maybe she messed up the sewage system or the kitchens or both! Perhaps all the professors woke up one morning to find that their toenails had been swapped with another. I know that would put me off!

3. I’m always interested in the magical systems and how they work and the one here seems to almost be a ‘payback’ type of affair.  What are your thoughts about the magical system so far, we do have a dead deity after all, not to mention it appears that regular everyday people can access magic as well as deities. Discuss please (if only to enlighten my tiny brain!)

This definitely feels like magic and deities have become almost currency, doesn’t it? It’s very interesting to have folks like Tara that approach deities and magic with a rather pragmatic, utilitarian way and yet, we have priests and worshipers who are all about the awe and wonder and mystery and treat deities and their magic reverentially. I am quite enjoying this dichotomy. I tend to lean towards Tara’s way of thinking, which of course adds to the mystery of the two dead we have so far.

4. We’re only a third in but how are you feeling towards the characters so far. Are you developing any favorites already, any sneaky suspicions of any of the characters or are you loving them all?

Since we have been plunged in, I am still sorting through all the characters. There aren’t any I don’t like yet, though some are rather more stuffy than others. I am really enjoying Tara and her humor and the messes she gets herself into and back out of.

Tara’s employer and former teacher seems a bit stiff, but so far I think she has a good heart and is sincere in her efforts to figure out who murdered the deity.

Other Tidbits:

The gargoyle fascinates me! Stone Men and Stone Women are not exactly welcomed in the city, and I really want to learn the backstory on that. And while Tara can interrogate the gargoyle face here and there, I have to wonder if he will stay just a face. What happens if he gets a body? Will Tara have one more enemy? She must have cast some preservative spell on it to, to keep it from rotting and stinking up her room!

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8 thoughts on “Three Parts Dead – Part I”

  1. It was a very intriguing first third to the book!
    I loved that we have gargoyles and that whole face off scene really took me by surprise.
    Now, I think about it, and reading your comments – by the way nice pointer about the magic being like currency, I like that, it kind of simplifies it at the same time as hitting the nail on the head – it’s like the author has given us two characters with Tara and Abelard who are directly opposed to each other. Tara, not being a worshipper but using craft and Abelard being a priest and devotee and worshipping Kos. I think it makes their strange partnership interesting to watch and I’m looking forward to how it develops. I did kind of wonder about the whole being a God thing – it seems like Kos was just used to power the city and fulfill loads of contracts here, there and everywhere – makes you kind of glad you’re not a deity!!
    Lynn 😀

    1. So looking forward to seeing where Abelard and Tara get off to! They have a very interesting dynamic going on.

      And then there is Shale’s face. Oh My! WTF? It kind of makes methink of Bob the Skull from The Dresden Files.

  2. 1. Yes, so agreed, I want the author to trust me to be smart enough to figure things out on my own sometimes, haha. But gah my face is all tingly just thinking about poor Shale!

    2. HAHA love your ideas!

    I really need to know more about the God Wars and how everything got to be like it is with lots of people not believing in gods except in this one city where there is an actual resident deity!

    1. I too am looking forward to some backstory on the God Wars. I think (hope?) we will get more than one perspective, based on the characters’ believes.

  3. 3. I’m really like the different ways in which Tara and Abelard think about Kos. I wonder if Tara will still be so businesslike at the end of the book and if Abelard will start thinking about his god in different ways.

    Stone Men: I think Tara said something about the face and body being neither alive nor dead when they’re separated? So hopefully there won’t be any rotting for poor Shale! I do wonder what will happen if he doesn’t get his body back though. Can he get a new one?

    1. If Tara and Abelard maintain their working relationship throughout the book, I think you will be right – they will each have slightly different ideas about deities and such at the end.

      I hope Shale can get a new body. can you imagine Tara carrying his face around during her quest/investigation, pulling him out and flopping his face on statues, or poor passersby, when she needs to ask him something!?! That would be awkward!

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