Women, Food, & Desire by Alexandra Jamieson

JamiesonWomenFoodAndDesireWhere I Got It: Review copy from the publisher (thanks!)

Narrator: Alexandra Jamieson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2015)

Length: 7 hours 35 minutes

Author’s Page

This book explores the power of listening to our own bodies when it comes to food and desires. After all, cravings are really just desires that have been shoved sideways into a pint of ice cream.

If you pick up this book, be prepared to explore several things about yourself. Alexandra Jamieson doesn’t hesitate to talk about subjects that have been considered taboo, such as female pleasure and intestinal health. She also delves into this culture of body shaming, especially body shaming of and by women.

The book is an uplifting piece with its message of taking control of your cravings, your life, and what you put in your mouth. She challenges the reader to look deeper for what makes us truly happy, pushing us to have food nourish us instead of just filling our bellies and consoling us. She talks openly of her own failures, cravings, and eventual realizations along with the actions she took to find happiness. I really appreciated how she addressed female sexuality.

While this book is marketed for women, I think men would also find much that they can relate within its pages. Food cravings are universal, after all. Plus, men are starting to feel the scorn of body shaming in our culture.

Narration:  Alexandra Jamieson was fun to listen to and it really made that book that much more personal. By having the author read her own words, the listener wasn’t separated from the author’s trials and triumphs.

What I Liked:  Plenty of nutritional info; insight into why we eat like we do; lots of real life examples; motivation for the healthy eater.

What I Disliked:  Nothing – this was a great nonfiction!

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