The SnowRaven Chronicles: The Treasure of Okra-Bane by A J Spencer

SpencerTheTreasureOfOkra-BaneWhere I Got It: A review copy via Audiobook Jukebox (thanks!)

Narrator: Matt Franklin

Publisher: Joseph Buzzoni (2015)

Length: 1 hour 58 minutes

Series: Book 2 The SnowRaven Chronicles

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Note: Even though this is Book 2 in the series, it works as a stand alone.

Shaska the SnowRaven returns! In this installment, she gets swept up in the hunt for a long-coveted but much guarded treasure, the treasure of Okra-Bane. But this isn’t the only thing she has to contend with – there are yet more Vorsharians! These are the giant insect creatures we met in Book 1. They are vengeful, plentiful, and organized. Shaska and her friends may truly be in trouble.

The story starts off with Shaska and Linx (her mutated fox-serpent friend and pet) having a hot bath. They are guests of a city duke and are getting use to pampered life. Alas, some smelly mud has blocked the pipes and is fouling the tub. Shaska rouses the innkeeper and heads to the basement to figure out the problem. She starts off in decent boots and a silk robe, but as you might imagine if you read Book 1, Shaska is soon fighting some monster in just her boots. By the end, victorious, she is in need of a good hot bath.

Folks, I have a new love, and her name is Shaska the Warrior Shepherdess! The story weaves fantastical feats of bravery and strength with bits of humor and the appreciation for nude athleticism. Told in a high, epic warrior’s tale manner, we follow Shaska as she defeats monster after monster (clothing optional), completing one impossible task after another.

Linx, her steadfast companion and sanity check, does his best to curb her enthusiasm for the dangerous. Alas, the allure of chasing down a long lost treasure is too much for Shaska to ignore. Linx, Shaska, and her nearly-manly warrior companion we met in Book 1 (I forget his name – Karso? Borus? Ugh… I know I am totally off) head off to adventure, gold, and glory. Anyway, he provides some sane advice and comedic relief. Together, they face a horrible mud creature, and later on, a tentacled ancient god. You just knew there would be tentacles, right?

As with the first book, I have to chat about the nudity. In this installment of the SnowRaven Chronicles, the author found clever ways (as oppose to simply blatant ways in Book 1) to have Shaska end up disrobed. On occasion, it was the only way to save her life. Shaska herself doesn’t see any shame in her nudity, or anyone else’s, and this is a very straightforward and refreshing attitude to have.

All told, this was a pretty entertaining SnowRaven tale. I reveled in the action sequences and gave my little snort laugh at all the jokes. I now want a mutated talking fox companion of my own.

Narration: Once again, Matt Franklin did a great job. I love his bardic voice for these books, making the fight scenes seem like something out of a Norse edda. His monster voices are the best!

What I Liked: Plenty of fight scenes; Shaska is so confident; comedic relief; the cover art; the ending was very satisfying. 

What I Disliked: I was a little sad that the single male to get nude was an unimpressive specimen.

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