The Delicious Dump Cake Cookbook by Sarah Sophia

SophiaTheDeliciousDumpCakeCookbookWhere I Got It: Review copy from the narrator (thanks!)

Narrator: Tiffany Williams

Publisher: Good Living Publishing (2015)

Length: 26 minutes

Series: Book 6 The Essential Kitchen Series

Author’s Page

Note: Even though this is Book 6 in the series, it stands alone quite well.

This was a short and sweet little cookbook on dump cakes. Before picking this book up, I had never heard the term ‘dump cake’ before. It struck me as an odd thing to call a whole group of desserts and some may even say it is an unflattering term for such delicious concoctions. However, the term seems to come from the simplicity of the recipes and not because the cakes themselves are inferior.

First, these recipes are my kind of baking. I like being able to dump all the recipes in a bowl, stir, and pop into the oven. I don’t need to cut in butter, sift in flour, gently tuck the raisins in. That isn’t me. Nope, I figure if the dessert can’t survive my method of putting it together, then I probably won’t give it a second chance. These recipes were so easy, not just for their simply ingredients lists, but because they are each easy to assemble and pop in the oven. I think this book would be great for bakers like me, kids, or newbies to the world of baking.

I especially liked how many of these recipes called for fruit. My man loves his desserts with fruit (while I am more of a chocolate cake kind of person). So I will definitely be delving into some of these recipes to appease the man’s appetite. These recipes can be used with a white cake box mix to cut down on your prep time. However, the author also includes a cake mix recipe if you feel the need to start from scratch (which is my personal preference). An excellent addition to cookbook shelf!

Narration:  Tiffany Williams once again has done a great job at narrating. I have enjoyed listening to her narrate other cook books by the same author. She brings the same enthusiasm without sounding like she just ate a giant sugar bomb. Her pacing for ingredients lists and the individual directions is great if you are listening along as you assemble your dump cake.

What I Liked:  From scratch cake mix recipe; desserts made simple – no extravagant assembly; plenty of recipes featuring fruit; great narration.

What I Disliked:  Nothing – this was a great cookbook!

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