Rapunzel: Stay at Home Mom by Melinda Moore

MooreRapunzelStayAtHomeMomWhere I Got It: Review copy from the author (thanks)

Publisher: Hot Chocolate Press (2015)

Length: 31 pages

Illustrator: Kevin Yancy

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This is a fun, quick read that pulls on more than one fairy tale, though Rapunzel is at the center of the story. She’s a mom to twins now, and even though she is free of her tower, she worries obsessively over the safety of her family. She has had a new tower made ready and she intends to keep her little brood safe from the world by locking the whole family up in it. good thing her charming prince and husband, Magnus, can see that this is a little extreme. So he has arranged for her to have a day at Sleeping Beauty’s Spa.

I quite enjoyed this short story. It started off sweet and simple and then got real and funny. Rapunzel is probably still suffering from PTSD for her time in the tower as a kid and the manipulations of her mom. No wonder she is freaking out about wide open meadows and creepy forests. And, of course, she and Magnus got pregnant right away and had twins, so she didn’t really have much time to acclimate to her new life before becoming a mom. I totally sympathized with her and found her reactions to be amusing and realistic.

Various other fairy tales are pulled in to the story. I won’t spoil the story for you by listing all the characters referred to or appearing in the story. I will say that I was highly amused at how many of those characters walked into the tale – wearing protesting shirts, smoking cigarettes, taunting our heroine. Some of these side characters made me laugh out loud.

Lastly, I am sure some of you are thinking this would be great for your kids. So let me say that you should probably give it a read through first as there are a few cuss words and a few adult situations alluded to. I found the adult humor amusing, and, yes, there was snickering at some of the jokes. I found them cleverly worded and not over done.

In short, this is a charming and refreshing fairy tale that will amuse readers in a new way. There are a few illustrations by Kevin Yancy and they are just as lush and colorful as the cover.

What I Liked: The cover art; the humor; more than one fairy tale character gets pulled into this adventure; Sleeping Beauty’s Spa; the illustrations.

What I Disliked: Nothing, it was a great story!

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