Possible to Rue by Piers Anthony

AnthonyPossibleToRueWhere I Got It: Won a copy on Eargasms (copy provided by the narrator) (thanks!)

Narrator: Al Kessel

Publisher: Audiobooks by Mike Vendetti (2014)

Length: 8 minutes

Author’s Page

The boy wants a pegasus. What is the father to do? Being a wealthy man, he had promised his 6 year old he could have whatever he wanted for his birthday. Of course, he wasn’t expecting the lad to ask for a mythological creature!

What ensues is creative fun involving an encyclopedia and several other animals. This short story was a joy to listen to as it was both clever and filled with child-like wonder. And perhaps a touch of 6-year old stubbornness. 🙂 With a touch of adventure and beauty, Piers Anthony has the reader looking as reality in a different light.

The ending was fun and satisfying. Even though this story is probably marketed for kids more than adults, I felt that it was good fun for this 36-year old!

Narration:  Al Kessel did a good job with the narration. He had distinct voices for the characters and injected emotions into the story. He especially did ‘wonder’ quite well. I liked his little kid voice the most.

What I Liked:  The cover art; magic in the mundane; the pegasus of course!; questioning reality in a fun way.

What I Disliked:  Nothing – I think this is a great short story!

VintageScifiBadgeThis month is Vintage SciFi Month (and we get to toss in vintage fantasy too) over at the Little Red Reviewer. Everyone is welcome to play along with your pre-1979 fantastical fiction! This short story was originally published in 1963.


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