A Memory of Light Read Along: The Schedule

JordanSandersonAMemoryOfLightHello everyone! The WoT Quad have made it! This is the final book, A Memory of Light, in The Wheel of Time series. And this may just be the longest read along ever, as we started in December of 2012. As always, anyone is welcome to join us, whether you have a blog or not. If you want the discussion questions a few days before the post dates, just leave me a comment or send me an email (nrlymrtl@gmail.com) with your request.

Once again, a huge thanks to Sue (Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers), Liesel (Musings on Fantasia), and Eivind (The Nordic WoT Encyclopedia) for keeping this read along going. It’s been an awesome adventure with them and I am very much looking forward to this final book and seeing how all this turns out.

Please note that chapter 37 has a week all to itself and it is nearly double our weekly page numbers.

Week 1: Jan 18 MOF Prologue-Chpt. 1 (95 pages)

Week 2: Jan 25 CCCP Chpts. 2-7 (106 pages)

Week 3: Feb 1 Eivind Chpts. 8-14 (97 pages)

Week 4: Feb 8 DOD Chpts. 15-21 (100 pages)

Week 5: Feb 15 MOF Chpts. 22-28 (106 pages)

Week 6: Feb 22 CCCP Chpts. 29-36 (112 pages)

Week 7: Mar 1 Eivind Chapter 37 (190 pages)

Week 8: Mar 8 MOF Chpts. 38-END (102 pages)


Comments are always appreciated, so don't be shy!