2015: A Shift

It’s the start of the new year and that provides we a very simple (and socially acceptable) excuse to change things around a bit. Over this past year my reading and blogging habits changed. I am nearly 90% audiobooks in my reading. I ran some numbers last night (proving in yet one more way that I am, indeed, a nerd) instead of just guestimating. Also, I haven’t been able to post reviews on everything I read (tho every review book I read/listened to was reviewed). Lastly, I have had some medical issues that have affected my reading and blogging. One of my medications occasionally gives me blurred vision. Also, just before the holidays I found out I was phosphorous deficient (something that happens to us with severe kidney disease) and that was making me all kinds of tired and fuzzy headed. I don’t know if that will be a recurring issue or once in a decade oddity. More blood tests will tell. Plus, my home business (WovenHearth.com) is expanding and deserves my attention and energy. Reading and blogging are my hobbies.

I plan to be more chatty (hence this post).

I probably won’t be doing as many blogger events as I have in the past.

I tend to be a silent stalker, reading other blogs but not leaving any sign I was there. I will work on leaving more bloggity love.

There are several, smaller things I am changing. I took down the Editing Services page (blurred vision and chemical imbalances do not lead to meeting deadlines dependably). I really enjoy interviewing authors and narrators, so for blog tours, I will focus on those things as it was a struggle to meet my blog tour reading commitments this past year. I will probably add chatter about TV/movies I have watched. There may be snark involved.

Thank you everyone who has dealt with my bursts of communications followed by long silences this past year. Thank you all those silent stalkers out there (yes, I can see your shadows). Hopefully this blog continues to amuse you, because we are all here for the fun!

Random TBR Pile
Random TBR Pile

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