Towers of Midnight, Part II

JordanTowersOfMidnightBannerWelcome everyone to Book 13 of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. You can find the schedule to Towers of Midnight over HERE. Everyone is welcome to join us!

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This week, we covered the Chapters 5-13. Spoilers run rampant for this section and all previous books below!

1) Gawyn and the Warder Sleet are playing detective over the murdered Aes Sedai. Care to compare them to other literary detectives? Do you think Egwene is correct in thinking a Forsaken is behind the murders?

Well, they definitely aren’t Sherlock & Watson. Though Sleet could be a Miss Marple, quietly going about collecting facts and asking a handful of questions here there, all the while doing some leather work, looking so innocent wielding a little knife and leather punch. I picture Gawyn more as a Hercule Poirot, so proper and in everyone’s face with his properness.

I am thinking it is one or more of those pesky Seanchan assassins that were left to stealth around the Tower, killing as many Aes Sedai as they can before their time is up.

2) Graendal was interrupted while reading A Light in the Snow (what genre book do you think that was?) to have a meeting with Moridin, wherein he reveals the book or prophecies. What prophecies do you think the dark side has? And what about the prophecy that Perrin shall die at the bad guys’ hands?

I think it is a fashion magazine. I can’t see Graendal reading anything too heavy (like a biography) nor to think in plot (like a good epic fantasy).

The dark side seems to skew everything (but who doesn’t when it comes to world dominating politics?) so I would think that the prophecies have to do with the Dark One triumphing over all after several epochs of crushing all the fun out of the populace.

I don’t think this is the kind of series where one of our main heroes will be killed. So far, with very few exceptions, this has been a pretty PG13 series. So I expect Perrin will have a close call, maybe even be declared dead by some fool who runs off before hearing what a medic says. And if for some reason Faile lets Perrin be killed, he has some kick ass work he can do from the wolf dream world.

3) Did anyone else get a giggle when Morgase demands of Perrin, ‘Do you know my heart?’ in regards to her feelings for Talanvor? What did you think of Perrin’s & Galad’s meeting? How do you think the face off on the field of battle shall go?

Haha! Yes! Perrin’s nose tells him quite a bit about the people around him. So I am pretty sure that not only can Perrin tell that Morgase is in heat for Talanvor, that she also has deeper feelings for him and isn’t just looking for a booty call.

I was ready to vote for Galad, being all reasonable about the Whitecloaks in regards to the Questioners. But then it is like he decided to start storing his brains in his boots and just go with what his zeolist friends say about Perrin. Galad took one look at Perrin’s golden eyes and decided he was indeed a Dark Friend. I wanted to slap the idiot. Like golden eye color is the weirdest, darkest shit Galad has seen in the past several months. Sigh…. I may have to kill him.

Well, last week I was hoping there would be some sort of interruption (like Rand showing up with a big gateway and ordering Perrin and his army to go somewhere else) so that Galad could save face and maybe get some good done elsewhere. Now I hope they do get it on and that Perrin unleashes his Asha’men. The Questioners really don’t need to be around for the Last Battle and I am wondering if we need any Whitecloaks at all.

4) We run into Mat at the Seven Striped Lass tavern (is that yet another reference to spanking?) and toying with Verin’s letter. Later that night he battles the golem. Do you think the threat of the golem will be the thing that forces Mat to open Verin’s letter? Teslyn speaks plainly and honestly to Mat, thanking him, and then fights the golem with him. Do you think this will alter his attitude towards Aes Sedai in the future?

Yes, I think the golem’s threats to hurt/kill Mat’s friends will tear at his conscience and he will open Verin’s letter and we will finally know what her last machinations are.

I really like that Teslyn made this effort to treat fairly with Mat. However, I think he will need several more examples like this before he is able to trust Aes Sedai. Perhaps Teslyn will continue to work with Mat? That would be cool. It would be funny if Mat decided he needed to be a Warder to an Aes Sedai to get that extra bump in speed, strength, and endurance to achieve some task, like freeing Moiraine.

5) Elayne has to make a decision soon about what to do with the captives (those who did not support her). What do you think she should do? Also, she plans to take Cairhein. Do you think this is wise and will be as easy as she thinks it will be?

I think she should arrange marriages between the Houses that declared for her early on the Houses she holds captive now. This will bind those detractors to her supporters. Plus, there will be feasting during a trying time and everyone appreciates the chance to get toasted and fat.

Rand took and held the thrones of Andor and Cairhein for Elayne and she still had to fight for the Andorran thrown (or rather, she had to bullocks it up and Birgitte and Dyelin had to rescue her ass). I really hope that Cairhein is easier for her because we don’t have the time for another revolt. And I think Rand could, and would, step in and give her a hand even if she scowled at him for it.

6) Rand returns to Tear. Please comment upon his reunion with everyone there such as Min, Tam, Nynaeve, Cadsuane, the Aiel, etc. Where do you think Alanna has gone? Who will Rand set Cadsuane to finding? Will Rand be able to meet his toh towards the Maidens and the Aiel in general?

This was an awesome scene! I really enjoyed how Min could feel the total difference in him. It was great that he apologized to Cadsuane (even though she showed no grace in accepting it), hugging his dad, promising to help Lan, owning that he owes the Aiel toh. It was all great.

I am not sure where Alanna has gone but I would not be surprised if Rand snuck into her room and left her a note directing her to leave. Maybe he sent her to fetch/assist Aviendha in returning? Though he could do that himself….but he might get slapped for it. So probably safer to send Alanna.

I am not sure who Cadsuane will be sent to find. Before he tells her he has this task for her, he asks about Mattin Steppeneos, a ruler that Elaida stole from his own bed and was holding in the White Tower. I would think that sending her to find Fain could be very, very useful, but Fain may not be on his radar at all.

I think Rand’s future role in the Last Battle will almost assuredly meet any toh he has to anyone.

Squatch having a snack
Squatch having a snack

Other Tidbits:

Graendal has a Dreamspike and Moridin’s permission to use his minion, the man with two souls (who I think is Slayer). This does not bode well for Perrin!

Morgase was being such a pill in her thoughts about the ‘upstart Two Rivers ruler Perrin’ and yet she refuses to step up and let the world know she is alive. I think she is something of a coward. If she were to take on rulership, or even just act as mentor to Elayne, she would have so many people (a nation of them?) to apologize to for her past bad behavior.

Mat’s letter to Elayne was terribly funny and I enjoyed his mix of frustration for having been ignored and apologies (sort of) for checking out her backside.

Grady wants to return to the Black Tower to see his family. I think he is sincere and has no ulterior motives. Still, I worry that if he goes back now/soon, then he will be held hostage or tortured for info.


3 thoughts on “Towers of Midnight, Part II”

  1. I also made a reference to how much Gawyn and Sleet are NOT Sherlock and Watson. I like the idea of Graendal reading a Fashion Magazine, but it’s probably all lingerie bordering on porn, right? I, too, was annoyed that Galad started out sensible and then just jumped to Perrin being a DF. So annoying! And I loved Mat’s letter as well. So funny. I felt for Grady. I’m sure most of the Asha’men feel like he does–a new hope now that the taint is cleansed. Though they now have to face the Last Battle, first. :/

  2. 1. All the classical detectives I can think of aren’t particularly hot-headed types, so I’m not sure Gawyn fits. Unfortunately, I can’t say I have the greatest faith in him in this endeavour, although he does have a point. Forsaken get lowly underlings to do their dirty work for them. They don’t go around killing people manually, and certainly not with a knife! (Scoffs.) So Egwene’s theory doesn’t sound likely to me. We also have the benefit of knowing that the Seanchan planted assassins, of course, so maybe I can’t be too hard on her.

    2. The full text of this prophecy is revealed at the end of this book (as the quote following the epilogue). The only other one I can think of is the one from book two. I wish we had more, but perhaps it would take some of the mystery away…

    I suspect the dark prophecies suffer from the same problems as the light ones do. They don’t always mean what you think they mean, as Elaida found out to her infinite regret. And so I guess Moridin may find himself in the same situation.

    Although… could “The Wolf King” not also be Hopper?

    3. Yeah, that was goofy from Perrin. Get a grip, man. 🙂

    I think Galad will be one of the main obstacles for Perrin in this book, so we can’t have that resolved just yet. Expect some more close calls and agonising moments before they can march to the Last Battle.


    4. I’m not sure Mat will ever open that letter. He’s stubborn, that boy. Though… HE SURE SHOULD, I THINK. I guess he will be more likely to kill it, rather than flee by opening the letter. Which brings us back to the old discussion: just how do you kill a gholam?

    5. Can’t she confiscate parts of their estates? I mean, they don’t have money, but they are high ranking nobles with lots of land.

    Perhaps at any other time this would be biting off too much, but as the world is barreling towards Doom, we need to gather everyone we can as soon as possible, so I say go for it. Hopefully it won’t be too troubling. There’s not space in this book for too many conflicts. 😉

    6. Highlight of the week for me. I particularly enjoyed seeing Min’s new viewings of Rand, which highlight just how important his epiphany at Dragonmount was. It was nothing short of the point of no return for the Last Battle. Now, it is essentially no longer possible for the final confrontation not to occur. You’ll see a great scene in a few more weeks highlighting this.

    “It is war, not subterfuge, that drives the day now.”

    And it was so adorable to see him introduce Tam and Min.

    Also interesting that Rand can now “see” Darkfriends. And also that they felt very uncomfortable looking at him. But… more on that later. 😉

  3. 1. Whilst I can almost see Steele as a very make Miss Marple, Gawyn is so NOT Hercule Poirot: he is far too impetuous and emotional!

    2. She was reading Vogue: it probably had a good article on Channum Tatting and how he would make a perfect pet for her! 😀

    I agree that I don’t expect mass carnage amongst the lead characters in the Last Battle, although I’m afraid that Rand is definitely going to make the ultimate sacrifice.

    3. Even if Morgase wants Tallanvor’s body in the worst way possible, Perrin should still keep his nose out of their business – cheeky blighter!

    I agree I was disappointed with Galad. I had rather expected him to be a little more sensible, but common sense has been sadly lacking in many characters in this series, so I suppose that we should not have been surprised by his decision.

    Whilst Asha’man making Questioner jam would be fun, I suspect that Rand will need every able-bodied man for the Last Battle, so I rather hope that this will be a bloodless victory for common sense . . . but I’m not holding my breath!

    4. I can see Mat coming to trust Teslyn, but I seriously doubt that he will let himself be Bonded. Plus, we know that Tuon must be able to Channel because she can be a sul’dam, so if he is going to be Warder for anyone it would have to be her.

    5. Marriages could work very well, assuming that there are suitable candidates. However, I am not sure that life will be that simple because they are all so interested in personal power. Perhaps a great wave of Trollocs appearing over the horizon might make them see the value in uniting to protect the world from the Shadow.

    6. I was fairly certain that the envelope found in her rooms matched the ones from Verin, so I never even thought that Rand might have sent her off on a secret mission.

    I hope that Rand hasn’t sent Cadsuane against Fain, because he is far too powerful for her to handle on her own.

    Yep – Slayer is going to be a problem in the Wolf Dream. He has been noticeably absent for quite some time, so I assume that he will be very happy to go hunting Wolves in the Dream.

    Perhaps Grady will return and discover that Taim is a Very Bad Man . . . which will be a relief as he should have been removed long before now.

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