The Interview: Law Firm Erotica by Silk Jones

JonesTheInterviewLawFirmEroticaWhy I Read It: I was curious to see if erotica could make legal paperwork filing interesting….

Where I Got It: Review copy from the author (thanks!).

Who I Recommend This To: If you have a spanking fetish, then you will probably enjoy this.

Narrator: Shoshana Franck

Publisher: Waterview Publishing (2014)

Length: 51 minutes

Series: Book 1 Law Firm Erotica

Author’s Page

Laura decides to answer a job ad for a submissive legal assistant. She had previously worked as an accountant but was laid off with a generous severance package. Right up front, she knows that BDSM is part of the job requirements and she has to admit to herself that she is pretty curious. Showing up for the interview, she considers leaving because she has no experience in BDSM and is worried that she won’t be qualified. However, she waffles too long in the waiting room and Mr. Hobbs calls her in to the interview before she leaves. As he goes over her resume, he asks her plenty of questions and also lets her know what would be expected of her. Things heat up when the interview moves to the hands-on portion!

This was a fun, quick erotica story. It was easy to get into and to have fun with. I felt it was a good balance between the two characters with dialogue and they share the narrative (though most of the story is told from Laura’s point of view). While Mr. Hobbs lead the action, Laura always had the opportunity to walk out of the interview. This particular scenario involved a heavy spanking. Most importantly, both characters felt satisfied at the end of the tale. There was a little cuddling and the beginning of affection between the two.

My little quibble is that I would have enjoyed the two characters vocalizing during the act. While it was a hot description, it was just that: an internal monologue description of the act by Laura. Surely Mr. Hobbs was doing some sort of animal-like grunting at the least with all the physical action he was doing? This criticism won’t keep me from listening to further adventures of Laura and the law firm.

Once again, my man conveniently popped in while I was listening to this audiobook and helped fold the laundry. He did this with Zane’s tales too. I really should listen to more erotica so that I get assistance with housechores. Hmmm… I bet this book would go good with cooking dinner.

The Narration: Shoshana Franck did a great job. There was no hesitancy with the erotica parts and she was good voice for Laura. She did a decent male voice as well.

What I Liked: This book had some heat to it!; Laura seeks out the experience; both characters are satisfied at the end; my laundry got folded by the husband as he eavesdropped.

What I Disliked: I’m sure the characters made some noises while in the middle of the act and I would have liked that to be part of the tale.

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