Richmond Smokes a Joint by Larry Weiner

WeinerRichmondSmokesAJointWhy I Read It: I wanted a campy space opera and this did not disappoint.

Where I Got It: A review copy from the publisher via Audiobook Jukebox (thank you!)

Who I Recommend This To: For those stuck in a long commute with adults you don’t know well – this will certainly break the ice.

Narrators: Patricia Tallman, Kris Holden-Ried, Jerry Robbins, with Michael Burkett, D. J. Vogel, Bob Hunt, Tom Dheere, Bob Arsena, Kevin Crawley, Jon Duclos, Angelo Panetta,

Publisher: Radio Repertory Co. of America (2014)

Length: 42 minutes

Jean Richmond and Sid Knee team up to find the nearly mythical, long-lost Plate of Marange. Richmond’s current boyfriend, Herm, tags along, financing the endeavor. Starting off in a strip joint, space shipping through the galaxy, and ending on an alien world, these adventurers, along with a cast of questionable participants, start turning on one another pretty quickly. Can Richmond remain true to any of her promises or does every man need to watch his back?

The story was really fast paced, as one would expect from a short piece. The humor was laced throughout this space treasure hunt, though it sometimes relied on puns (which aren’t my thing, but might be your thing). There’s plenty of grown up humor with the innuendos and occasional sex scene. There pretty much is just one female character, Jean Richmond, and, of course, I would have liked to have seen more ladies in the mix. Jean used her feminine wiles to trick the boys, and out right strip teased to get her way in some cases. I kept fluctuating back and forth on whether to root for her or offer to toss her in a cell myself; and that was one of the things I liked about this story.

The quest itself, the hunt for the Marange Plate, was nebulous, and a little silly. The story really focused more on the characters double crossing each other (which was pretty entertaining). See, it’s not just Richmond who has secrets and a hidden agenda. So there were plenty of characters who I thought might be ricking up the body count. Over all, this was a fun story for as short as it was and I think it would be great to share with other adults on long commute. This is a spinoff of the Anne Manx series and works fine by itself (and my curiosity is now peaked to check out Anne Manx).

The Narration: As you can see by the list of narrators above, this was a full cast! It was complete with accents and plenty of immersive sounds. Don’t worry, the sound effects and occasional music background did not over ride the narrators; their performance was clear, being enhanced by the effects. 

What I Liked: The cover; the goofy quest; someone was always double crossing someone else; definitely for adults; silly character names like Goin’ North; the ending.

What I Disliked: Occasionally, the humor became a little too punny for me.

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