Snowbeard the Pirate and the Naughty List by Chip Huddleston

HuddlestonSnowbeardPirateNaughtyListWhy I Read It: Pirates, Santa Claus, and the Naughty List – I just couldn’t say no.

Where I Got It: A review copy from the author via Audiobook Jukebox (thank you!)

Who I Recommend This To: A fun pirate holiday listen, good for short rides, with surly kids.

Narrator: Chip Huddleston

Publisher: Self-published (2014)

Length: 23 minutes

Snowbeard the Pirate is really Santa Claus’s younger brother (Kasper Kringle). the two have never really gotten on and Snowbeard left years ago to go be a pirate in the Florida Keys. While he is pretty successful in his new line of work, Santa continues to rank him dead last on the Naughty List each year; this leads to lots of teasing by his fellow pirates and their refusal to vote him the Pirate King. But this year, Santa strikes a bargain with Snowbeard; he needs a helper to deliver old stale fruitcake to all the naughty kids on Christmas Eve. Can Snowbeard pull it off?

I was thoroughly charmed by this short piece of Spoken Word holiday cheer. Pirates and Santa? Who would have thought of the combination and then smushed it together with stale fruitcake and a boat drawn my scary fish and raiding the freezers of naughty folks for fish sticks to feed to the scary fish? Well, that genius lies with Chip Huddleston.

The imagery was well done as I could picture all these pirate toys going with Santa to good girls and boys (and to his elf helpers) while a boat load (literally) of stale fruit cake went to the naughties. While this work is completely suitable for kids (and adults) of all ages (complete with a mild fart joke or two), my mind’s eye pictured rowdy drunken pirates careening through the night sky lobbing fruit cake at any who ogled them. Definitely worth your time this coming holiday season.

The Narration: Chip Huddleston did his own narration and he did it well. The performance was full of energy, with just the right amount of vocal exaggeration as needed. The character voices were distinct and his pacing kept to the rhythm of the poem.

What I Liked: Pirates!; holiday pirates!; stale fruitcake (which is the only kind one can get here in the desert Southwest; great imagery; awesome narration; cool cover.

What I Disliked: No complaints here.

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