The Case of the Killer Divorce by Barbara Venkataraman

VenkataramanCaseOfKillerDivorceWhy I Read It: Have enjoyed her other works.

Where I Got It: Review copy from the author (thanks!).

Who I Recommend This To: Cozy mystery fans.

Narrator: Carrie Lee Martz

Publisher: Self-published (2014)

Length: 2 hours 56 minutes

Series: Book 2 Jamie Quinn Mystery

Author’s Page

Note: Although this is Book 2 in the series, it works fine as a stand alone.

Jamie Quinn, family practice lawyer, returns in this sequel to Death by Didgeridoo. She’s handling cases that she’s trained for (mostly divorces) until someone ends up dead and her divorce client is a suspect. Once again, folks turn to Jamie to untangle a murder mystery. She calls in her associate, an annoying man who just happens to be good at his job as a private eye, Duke Broussard. To add to the mess, Jamie wishes to find her long lost father, or at least, learn a bit more about him. As with Book 1 in the series, this mystery is set in modern day Hollywood, Florida.

I think I enjoyed this book even more than Book 1 because there were two plot lines; the main plot followed the murder investigation and the minor plot was the search for info on Jamie’s father. Plus there was a little side romance that added to the story and was not distracting from the main plot. The story starts with a judge dismissing Jamie’s motion in a divorce case. Becca and Joe have 2 kids and now Becca has to allow Joe to see them on Friday. She has a bit of a melt down when Joe, once again, threatens to sue for sole custody of the kids. Plenty of nasty things are said back and forth and one of these lovely people ends up dead.

The story was easy to get into and it was quite fun riding around in Jamie’s head as she tried to solve the murder mystery, while at the same time untangling the mystery of her long lost father. Duke Broussard alternately irritates Jamie and perks her up. He’s a good friend, even if he can be a bit annoying at times. I really enjoyed the back and forth between these two. While the ending was a little predictable, this is a great read for day off in a porch swing, or curled up by a fire.

The Narration: Martz once again was a good voice for Jamie. She imbued the role with emotion as needed. I loved her accent for Duke.

lavinia-portraitRIP9BannerWhat I Liked: Fun, quick pace; more than one plot line to keep the reader entertained; the cover.

What I Disliked: The ending was a bit predictable.

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