Prepping for the 2014 Santa Fe Renaissance Fair

Weaving away for the 2014 Santa Fe Renaissance Fair.
Weaving away for the 2014 Santa Fe Renaissance Fair.

So I have this really big show coming up in just a few days. It is the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair. Last year over 8,000 people attended, so this will probably be the highest attended event this year that I participate in as a vendor. My weavings were juried in and it is my first year doing the event at all.

I am terribly excited! I literally start glowing every time I talk about this event. I also start talking really fast and go on and on. For those not interested in all this silliness, I ignore the fact that their eyes glaze over. There’s going to be all sorts of art vendors and food vendors. But then there will also be singing, dancing, fools of all sorts, equestrian jousting, falconry, and live steel combat. Yep. Fools of all kinds.

My man is also terribly excited about this event and has offered to help work the booth all weekend. I think this is so he can go watch the live steel combat more than once and sample all the food vendors over two days instead of just half of Sunday (just before take down). I’ll also be sharing a booth with my man’s brother, who does jewelry.

Booty from Battlemoor 2014!
Booty from Battlemoor 2014!

Now my man use to do the SCA thing (those folks who like to dress in Medieval clothing and reenact all the good parts) way back in highschool. So did his brother. Recently, my man and I joined our local SCA group. This is a whole new experience for me and kind of a home coming for my man. Anyway, lots of the SCA crowd will be at this event. I expect bardic singing at both the men in my booth, and at least one of them will gladly sing back. My man went to Battlemoor at the beginning of the month (5 days of singing and fighting in the woods) and brought back booty which included a pattern to make my own corset. Terribly cool! I just wish I had had time to do so before this event. But I will have time before the next Ren Fair.

Now for the bonus of the day! I have admired the work of three artists from afar and these three are going to be at the Fair as vendors. Not only that, they are on either side of me! OK, there is a bakery booth squeezed in there. But, basically, I am within easy shouting distance of these talented ladies. And I will try ever so hard not to go all fangirl on them.

The Wolf Sisters, Sandra SanTara and Goldie Grandjean, have had their work at Bubonicon, which is where I first admired their work. At Bubonicon, we can’t take any photos, so I will try to do their work justice via my words. Wolves and coyotes feature heavily in their work, and much of it has a Native American flair. The pieces that moved me in particular were of a more adult nature, showing wolves or coyotes with human attributes. I am really looking forward to showing my man their artwork. It stirs something visceral in me with the direct beauty. And yes, some of the pieces are arousing too. The combination of fantasy, nature, and allure is a potent, heady mix for me.

My Kickstarter packet full of Carla Morrow goodies. And Heldig kitty.
My Kickstarter packet full of Carla Morrow goodies. And Heldig kitty.

Then there is also Carla Morrow of DragonLady Art. I came across her work just a few months ago via Kickstarter. Her project was a 15 month calendar full of original dragon art. So I pitched in and a few months later got this incredible goodie bag that included the 2015 calendar, bookmark, postcards, a pencil drawing, and a fridge magnet. The artwork is stunning. I love the flow of the body lines of the dragons, making them sinuous and lithe. I keep returning to each scene, noticing something new each time.

So, yeah, there we have all my fangirl geekiness. Hopefully now that I have it all typed out, I won’t go all weird on them when I meet them.

This is just my second Ren Fair ever and I can use advice in general. So toss out quick easy hairdos, simple tent decorations, proper etiquette (is there such a thing if you’re carrying around a turkey leg?), and anything else that comes to mind!


3 thoughts on “Prepping for the 2014 Santa Fe Renaissance Fair”

  1. How was the Renn Faire? I’m getting ready to go to one this weekend, even though my costume isn’t at all authentic (my work pants, a blouse, boots, and a lace-up costume I bought at the mall). I just love seeing everyone dress up, drinking some mead, and enjoying time with friends.

    1. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy all the costumes. There were 3 full-body costume dragons wandering around, folks on stilts, a line of belly dancers. Of course there was lots of good food. My only complaint was the wind & dust. Let me know how your Renn fair goes!

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