Knife of Dreams, Part I

JordanKnifeOfDreamsBannerWelcome everyone to Book 11 of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. You can find the schedule to Knife of Dreams over HERE. Everyone is welcome to join us!

This week, Eivind is our host and you can probably find him in the comments. Make sure to swing by Liesel’s Musings on Fantasia for cool non-spoilery fan art and hop on over to Sue’s Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers for some great deductive reasoning skills in calculating how things will fall out with the plot.

I had to post late this week because we had a flood last week and I was just wiped out from the actual event and then clean up efforts.

This week, we covered the Prologue and Chapter 1. Spoilers run rampant for this section and all previous books below!

1. Eamon Valda finally buys it, and Galad is now (at least de jure) Lord Captain Commander. Do you think he will be able to muster the children and fight back in any meaningful way? Or is this effectively the end of the order?

Well, I was looking for something else perhaps 2 months ago (perhaps a list of the Forsaken) and the answer to this question was revealed. I guess folks aren’t big into spoiler warnings for this series since it has been out for so long. Perhaps I should reveal the ending to The Hobbit?

Digressing…….Back to the question. First, before stumbling upon that bit of info, I would NEVER have expected Galad to rise to Lord Captain Commander. While he is a stickler for the rules, he is also a good person. I can’t see him raping and torturing his way through a country like Masema’s men do (and some of the Whitecloaks). And the 2 previous Lord Captain Commanders have been pretty ruthless.

So with that in mind, Galad is going to have to get a bit more ruthless, and suspicious, in order to stay alive, let alone retain the title of Lord Captain Commander. But I can’t see Jordan just letting this constant nuisance dressed in snazzy cloaks & armor fade out. So I expect them to be around for the end of the world.

2. The Seanchan suffer some shocking defeats at the hands of Ituralde. Suroth is furious and sends away almost all the air scouts. Will this help Mat out? What do you think is in the future for Ituralde?

First, Ituralde has incredible fashion sense, with the lace and the beauty patch on his face. Very chic.

I think anything that unbalances Suroth, who we know to be a Darkfriend, will help Mat or one of our other heroes. So if Ituralde’s sense of style (on or off the battlefield) does that, I am all for it.

Some of our WoT Quad have mentioned that Ituralde is the last of the greatest battle generals to enter the storyline. So I expect him to win a lot of battles, some of them decisive. I don’t know if he will survive to the end as we have had only tiny little bits of him so far. And I expect some of the key players will have to die in the final 3 books.

3. Semirhage has been busy in Seandar, and Seanchan as we know it (or more accurately, didn’t know it), has ceased to exist. Without support from their homeland, do you think the return is now doomed (in the long term)? Might this force them into accepting an alliance with Rand, once it becomes known?

Yes!!!!! Oh, when I heard this, I did a little dance. I know, I shouldn’t root for Semirhage, but the Seanchan have been pissing me off since they first appeared on Randland thinking they could just conquer the entire land and that they were entitled to do so.

Now with their homeland all in tatters, I hope they realize they will need to make alliances, respect the various peoples of Randland, in order to simply maintain their existence and their possible chance to return home and resurrect their homeland.

4. The Black Ajah hunters have stalled, and Pevara is now being sent away on a mission to bond Asha’men. Talene managed to hide, but Alviarin is still on the right track. Where do you see this storyline going?

Uh….Well, perhaps I wasn’t paying close attention….again.

I expect Pevara to fail at forcing a bond upon Asha’men. Period. Though it could turn rather amusing if she is bonded to one of them.

Alviarin is highly motivated to serve the DO, so I expect her to continue to cause trouble until someone kills her.

5. Of all the things that could happen between Galina and Perrin, what were you wishing for? Do you suppose she succeeded in stalling him?

Galina was doing a lot of lying and I wondered if Perrin could smell her lies and played along with part of it? Of perhaps he could only smell fear on her, which could be explained by the Aes Sedai fear and revulsion towards Asha’men.

If he didn’t pick up on Galina’s lies, then I want to slap him upside the head. He knows that things may not be as they seem. He has met and fought with Wise Women. So he knows that just because you can channel doesn’t mean you are bound by oath to tell the truth.

The rude little evil part of me wishes that Perrin had tortured Galina to verify the truth.

As for stalling Perrin, no. It sounds like they were nearly set to follow through on some plan anyway and that grabbing Galina just gave them a little extra info.

6. Egwene has been installed as a novice again, and sees advantages in her situation. How badly do you think will Elaida regret not having her tried? Is Egwene right in refusing rescue? And do you think she will manage to hold the rebellion together by proxy (in tel’aran’rhiod)?

Oh yes, I definitely hope that Elaida comes to regret not having Egwene beheaded on the spot. I really want Elaida to regret that decision just before she is exiled, Stilled, or killed. Or perhaps all 3. I’m easy that way.

Yes, Egwene is right to refuse rescue just yet. She is in a unique position to learn a lot about her enemies in the White Tower and get that intel to the Aes Sedai outside the Tower through T’A’R.

As for being able to hold the rebellion together….well, I think the Aes Sedai who greatly desire power and see the rebellion as a way to it will hold the rebellion together. Of course, they might not do much to help free Egwene so I hope she packed some clean undies for her (probable) long stay in the Tower.

4 thoughts on “Knife of Dreams, Part I”

  1. Hey, I’m still here! Hope the flooding went over well.

    1. Oh, when you said you got spoiled I was expecting something worse than this. Something about . Honestly, there’s no good way to look up WoT-things without spoiling all kinds of things, better to just not try.

    If there are any Children who are questioning the morality of the past regimes (fingers crossed, at least there seems to be some), they should find Galad ‘I’m always right’ Damodred a suitable commander. Expect him to have some problems with the other crowd though, but if Asunawa is any indication, maybe they will just sut off. That would be nice.

    2. That must have been me. I’m such an Ituralde fanboy. Good start, though! I believe the guy will be almost constantly fighting battles from now until the end of the series, while other Great Captains like Bashere and Agelmar will be cooling their heels until the actual last battle. Psh…

    3. I know, I also had to clap a bit. 🙂

    I expect this to be a major moral problem for the Seanchan. They’re all far from home with the mission to essentially invade a whole continent. And now they’re suddenly stuck between a rock and a hard place, so to speak. No going back now.

    Now that we know Semirhage is definitely in cahoots with Suroth, like Sue suspected (it seems likely that she is masquerading as Anath), expect her to have some say in the upcoming meeting with Rand!

    4. Honestly, not much to answer here. I just snuck this question in because I wanted a question about each major point of view. More of the same, to be honest. Although now Pevara will go on a new adventure. It’s been a bit odd reading about her as a Black Ajah hunter, because by the end of the series you’ll remember her for something quite different.

    5. I would have liked for someone to recognise Galina, for Perrin to realise she was instrumental in kidnapping Rand, and then her just breaking down like she deserves (but to break down to one of the heroes, instead of this Therava creature). What actually happened was mildly disappointing for such a surprising meeting.

    I also don’t think Perrin found her very convincing. He knows what he’s going to do.

    6. Yeah I definitely think so. Like I suggested to Liesel in her comment section, the Egwene chapters in this book and the next are so amazing, I can’t wait. 😀

    She IS right to refuse rescue, and her stay in the tower will be more effective (and AWESOME) than I could have imagined.

    (I also posted answers to last week, in that post. They’re a bit outdated and not so interesting by now, though.)

    1. Glad to see you back in WoT land. And the flood did go over well – it had no problems at all flowing over our land and several neighbors’ lands, and taking out a small farm. Hopefully we won’t see another flood this year.

      I think we have already seen hints that some of the Whitecloaks are not happy with some of their orders (especially the torture and burning small villages to the ground, etc.). So I am hoping Galad will have a sizable following pretty quickly.

      Oh good! I am glad I was not the only one who gave a little ‘Yes!’ when I heard that the Seanchan homeland was in disarray.

      Very good point about Galina. That would have been a very different conversation if someone had recognized her for her efforts in ‘taming’ Rand.

  2. I think we all want to see Galina brought down off her high horse a bit, so I’m with ya there. And I, too, am very excited for Egwene’s story line to progress. It’s a good one. 😀

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