Words of Radiance Read Along Part VII

SandersonWordsOfRadianceBannerWelcome everyone! We’ve returned with another installment of the Words of Radiance Read Along.  Want to join us? Everyone is welcome. Just check out the schedule post over HERE. Another slight change to the schedule: Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow is our host this week. Make sure to swing by her place to see links to all the participants.

This week we cover Chapter58 through the end of Chapter 65. Spoilers abound below!

So there are people with Radiant powers appearing the world over… What do you think of Lift and her “awesomeness”? And what about “Darkness”? Do you think Lift’s part in the story will tie into the main plot at some point?

My man and I were talking about this just the other day. We have a few characters now that are only seen in the Interludes that I hope we will see more of later in the series, like Rsyn, the merchants apprentice, and that tattooed fellow who was studying Spren in Book 1. So, yeah, I hope we see them join the main story line. After all, this is suppose to be a 9 or 10 book series, with each book being 1000+ pages.

I loved Lift’s spren Wendell (spelling?). He seemed so exasperated with her, and yet when under pressure, they worked together and accomplished something big – bringing Gauk (spelling?) back to life. And wow! Lift can transform food directly into Stormlight. How freaking convenient is that? Is it just her and her order of Radiants or can any of the Radiants learn this skill?

And Darkness seems to have rules, which is a very good thing for Lift. He follows the laws of whatever land he is in. Yet he is driven by an absolute certainty that Lift and all others like her must die in order to prevent some big calamity – another Desolation? The Desolation to end all Desolations? This makes him super scary.

Szeth seems to finally be taking control of himself… Will this be good or bad for Kaladin, do you think? Not to mention those who’ve been controlling him until now…

I am really hoping that this turns into a good thing. But I can see Szeth going all vengeful. He has a long list of people to pay back. There are those who said he was lying about the Radiants returning and turned him into Truthless and a slave. Then there are all those who used him to slaughter others. And finally, there is himself for putting control in other people’s hands. Yeah, he could go all evil vengeful.

But I am hoping that he will see that vengeance doesn’t work, not with what is coming. Just as I hope Kaladin eventually sees this too. Dork. And I can see Shallan struggling a little with it, with the death of her good brother.

Maybe all the Radiants-to-be have to face this challenge of good for the individual versus the greater good.

Eshonai is getting more and more dangerous in her new form. Do you think she’ll succeed with her plans? What about the dissenters who have escaped? Where do you think they’ll end up going – assuming they survive the next storm?

I expect Eshonai will convert the remaining Parshendi to Storm Form. But I don’t think she will succeed in destroying the Alethi armies. At least, not all of them. The Alethi are in for a HUGE surprise when they next meet the Parshendi in battle and they are going to suffer and bleed for it. But I think they will not be wiped off the face of existence.

I am hoping that the Parshendi dissenters will unite with the Alethi, perhaps seek out Adolin and Dalinar, or even Kaladin (if they have heard from Shen that Kaladin is a good man). This would be huge for the Alethi. It would give them so much info on the Parshendi and perhaps eventually these two peoples could put up a united front against Odium.

Wit returns to pay Kaladin another visit, leaving him with an important thought… What did you make of the story? And now Wit has visited Kaladin and Shallan both. Do you think he sees some connection between them? If so, any thoughts as to what sort?

I found that story very interesting, as Kaladin told half of it. The man starts off running before the storm, for his own reasons, his own personal battle, his own glory. At the end, he can run no more, but his will (or spirit) now has a new purpose: to hold the storm at bay, to protect those he can from the storm. Does it matter that he died? No, it doesn’t. I wonder what Kaladin will make of it.

I did notice that this time, Wit did not gift Kaladin his musical instrument, being as Kaladin lost Wit’s flute from the last storytelling (from book 1).

Of course Wit sees the potential in both of them. That is why he makes himself a pest to both of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see Wit with Lift and Szeth. We have already seen him with the Madman. Perhaps he is spending more time on Shallan and Kaladin right now because he knows they are at crucial points.

Shallan’s continuing to develop her skills, but refuses to listen to Pattern’s advice about remembering what she already learned. It seems she’s almost afraid to, not that I blame her… Do you think she’ll change her mind on her own?

I got the impression that Shallan and Pattern bonded in Shallan’s youth and that as she developed her skills, something bad happened. I still think this has to do with the death of her mother, and perhaps later, the death of her father.

I think Shallan will be pushed at some point by circumstances to perform whatever skill she developed in the past. And either she will collapse into silent jelly over the shock of the returned memories, or she will push through it and learn to master whatever skill that is.

Kaladin’s reaching a dangerous position regarding the King… Do you think he’ll really go through with some plan to kill Elhokar?

I think Kaladin will be left in his prison cell while the King and others go out to face the Parshendi and the King may be captured or killed there. If Adolin, Renarin, or Dalinar is hurt, captured, or killed in the same fight, then Kaladin will feel like he failed in his duty and will regret being so focused on vengeance. Idiot.

Or, if he is let out to go on the plains to the Parshendi battle, Kaladin may plan to ensure the King and Amaram have ‘accidents’ on the battlefield. Then if Dalinar and family get injured, etc. Kaladin will feel like an ass and hopefully this will snap him out of his vengeance mode.

Lastly, what do you make of the snippets of the letter that start off each chapter? Who could be writing it, and who is it addressing?

I think these snippets are either to Wit or from Wit to another who knows quite a bit about him. I hope we get more info on this because it is fascinating!

Tofu actually believes he is hiding behind this book.
Tofu actually believes he is hiding behind this book.

Other Tidbits:

I loved Lift’s spunky attitude through that entire section. Too funny!

I know there is a piece of Eshonai that finds all this highly disagreeable, but if that good Eshonai can’t win out, then I hope evil Eshonai and her sister get into a fight and this breaks the evil Parshendi into groups.

Also, do you think that little bit of good Eshonai put that particular guard on the dissenters knowing he would do the right thing and flee with them?

I found it very interesting that Syl doesn’t like the Cryptics. Can there be things that Syl still needs to learn about? Like how to play nice with other Spren?

Oooo! Shallan snuck in to meet the Madman. She copied his words. Do you think Pattern will see something in them that Shallan doesn’t? And she is perhaps making friends with the masked lady. I hope that turns into something good.

Dalinar isn’t such an ass as I thought he might be – concerning Amaram. He looked into it. 17 accounts by light eyes and dark eyes. That makes it hard to put weight behind Kaladin’s words.

And Kaladin deserved the dressing down he got from Dalinar. He has all this time to think, and he is focused on vengeance and not on how the consequences of his own actions have damaged those around him.

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7 thoughts on “Words of Radiance Read Along Part VII”

  1. I must confess that I was a bit put out with Kaladin – Dork! Idiot!! He didn’t even seem to recognise how he’d set all the plans back so considerably in terms of sorting out Sadeas! Get a grip man.
    I felt sorry for Dalinar – especially when he leaves the prison and Kaladin says his shoulders look a little more slumped! Come on Kaladin – pull yourself together.
    It is pretty cool that Lift can use food in that way – at first I thought she might be mistaken and not realise that she was drawing power from elsewhere. It is a rather good skill but it sounds like she needs to focus on eating a bit more!
    Lynn 😀

    1. I am hoping that Lift will listen to her Spren more now. And perhaps stop calling him a Voidbringer…unless that turns out to be true in some way…..

  2. You could definitely be right about Szeth. I can see him going all vengeance on everyone who’s wronged him. I just hope eventually he ends up in the right place, even if it takes a while.

    I agree that the Alethi are in for a nasty surprise the next time they take on the Parshendi. It probably won’t be pretty.

    Good point about the Parshendi maybe breaking into groups. So far, no one seems to want to take Eshonai on, but maybe that will change and they’ll end up being their own worst enemies, which would be good for the Alethi.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the interludes, but I do get frustrated. Like you, I wish we saw more of the characters in the interludes in the actual story. Maybe he’s planning that, but each time I see the interludes I feel a bit of a letdown and then I start reading them and I’m like okay, this is interesting.

    and I’m with Lynn, I was so frustrated with Kaladin. Like he really thought that was going to work. As an author I see why he did it. As a reader I was pulling my hair out.

    1. I see what you are saying about the Interludes. Sanderson does an excellent job of placing them just after cliffhangers, so we have many pages to get through before we return to the main story line. Still, I can see how the Interludes would gain more of your interest in a reread, since then you wouldn’t be chomping at the bit to get back to the main story.

      1. He has a great way of keeping me hanging. I’m wondering if the end of the book will be a massive cliffhanger and I’ll have to wait for over two years again.

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