Cursed by the Sea God by Patrick Bowman

BowmanCursedBySeaGodWhy I Read It: I love adventure stories that incorporate ancient myths and history. Plus, I really enjoyed Book 1 in this series, Torn from Troy.

Where I Got It: A review copy from the publisher (thanks!)

Who I Recommend This To: If you enjoy the Iliad & other ancient stories, this is a fun retelling.

Narrator: Gerard Doyle

Publisher: Post Hypnotic Press (2013)

Length: 5 hours 49 minutes

Series: Book 2 Odyssey of a Slave

Author’s Page

Book 2 finds Alexi still healing his captors and traveling from one place to another as the men try to return home to Ithaca. This installment takes us through further trials and tribulations of Odysseus, such as the Isle of Winds, the sorceress Circe, venturing into Hades, a little cannibalism, and the dangers of open water – Scylla and Charybdis.

I thoroughly enjoyed this continuation of the tale of the slave Alexi and Captain Lopex (Odysseus). Alexi is growing as a character and it’s not all smooth sailing for him. He makes mistakes in this book, big mistakes that cost him and others. Of course his nemesis Urey really wants to end his life and I would have been worried for Alexi except I know there is a Book 3 out there. Still, it looked like Alexi was going to have some nasty scars or be missing a limb a few times.

The mini adventures were amusing and engaging. On the Isle of the Winds we have a ruler who was unaware of the depths of consequences his orders had on his people. And we spent some quality time at Circe’s and I think (though it is only hinted at) Lopex got some special quality time with Circe. 😉 My favorite was the adventure into Hades and how Alexi, Lopex, and the others escaped. Though I have to say that the most touching bit of this book was concerning Alexi’s friend Pen, the other slave Alexi’s age on this mad voyage. Alexi learns harshly what it can mean to ignore a friend.

The ending was very satisfying. I really want to tell you why I found it satisfying, but then I would be handing out a major spoiler to the book. So I will simply say that it is worthy. Patrick Bowman has found a way to pump new energy into this ancient tale, opening it up to a new generation. I’m a fan of the ancient tale; I just happen to think this is pretty darn good too.

Narration: One again, Gerard Doyle is a great voice for Alexi. He does young and curious and occasionally impertinent well. He also does a very decent stern Lopex. Circe’s sultry, seductive voice also came through very well, especially when she was talking to the pigs.

What I Liked: Alexi is the star and he’s not a warrior or some special high born kid; the various mini adventures captured in the bigger task of trying to get home; Circe and the pigs; the ending was very satisfactory.

What I Disliked: Here in Book 2, Alexi finally hears the tale of how Troy was taken and while I liked that the teller of the tale seemed just as horrified as Alexi, I had to wonder why it took all these months for the tale to be told around the campfire.

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