Erian's Lair by Troy Lee Henderson

HendersonErian'sLairWhy I Read It: Really enjoyed Book 1, Eathed, so had to give this book a try.

Where I Got It: A review copy via the publisher through Audiobook Jukebox (thanks!).

Who I Recommend This To: Dragon stories and adventure – perfect for kids and dreamers.

Narrator: William Dufris

Publisher: Mind Wings Audio (2012)

Length: 2 hours 21 minutes

Series: Book 2, The Hill Brothers Trilogy

Author’s Page

Simon, our hero from Book 1, has been off studying for the last few years but has to return suddenly when he hears that his parents have passed away. His two younger brothers, Darien and Edwin, have been allowed to stay on the farm – if the new farm family will have them. The lord of the land gave the farm and all that lies within its boundaries to the new family, and they may or may not want two more mouths to feed. So Simon offers them adventure instead – a hunt for a dragon! They mean to seek out the daughter of old Eathed (from Book 1) and befriend her, hence having high adventure and gaining a mighty friend all at once. Along the way, they take up with professional dragon hunter Deandra, whose father was killed by a dragon. Not all turns out as Simon had hoped.

Once again, Troy Lee Henderson brings us a worthy dragon story. I was enchanted by Eathed in the first book and while Book 2 focuses much more on Simon and his siblings, Erian does get some important lines near the end. This book is also longer, giving the reader (or listener) more time for the adventure. The boys of course are on cloud nine to be off and way from dreary farm chores for a careless master. They get to spend some time bonding as people will do when off on a walking holiday, hunting dangerous prey. The boys live through some humorous antics.

Then there was Deandra, who seemed to have no sympathy in her heart for the nearly extinct dragons. She tells her tale of her parents’ deaths (separately) and she can’t bring herself to believe in good dragons that don’t mean humans any ill. This fire in her heart carries her through the story, making her courageous but single-minded. While Simon hopes to improve dragon-human relations, Deandra has no desire to do so.

The ending had a little twist at the end that I enjoyed. Erian reveals how she lost her mate and this touches one of Simon’s party deeply. It was quite well done.

All in all, it is a fun, short adventure perfect for that long car trip with kids, or dragon-loving adults.

Narration: William Dufris was excellent for this story, sounding like a young boy, or a stern dragon, or a furious young lady as the story required. He was a treat to listen to.

What I Liked: The cover is gorgeous; adventure and dragons; nice twist at the end.

What I Disliked: I could have used a little more of Erian earlier in the story.

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