The Kingdom of Gods Read Along Part IV

One of the few times Smudge has willingly held still for her photo.
One of the few times Smudge has willingly held still for her photo.

Welcome everyone to the continuation of The Inheritance Trilogy with Book 3, The Kingdom of Gods. Book Bound is our host this week, so be sure to swing by her place and check out everyone’s thoughts.

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Chapters 14-17 are discussed below. Spoilers are having a party!

1) Nahadoth said „You cannot remain in mortal flesh much longer. It’s changing you“ to Sieh. Do you think Nahadoth knows what is happening to Sieh? And what could happen to Sieh?

I think Yeine knows what is happening to Sieh (as birth and death are her areas of knowledge) and I think she has hinted to Nahadoth (or maybe had a full discussion with him) about it. Basically, I think Yeine has recruited both Nahadoth and Itempas into helping Sieh help himself. For whatever reason, the answer to Sieh’s problems can’t be solved by another god or godling. Sieh has to do the work, come to the answer, and make the change himself.

The deeper we get into this story, the more we hear about how creating a 4th god would undo the universe. But what if that 4th god came about in a natural way, through say love of friendship? Like what if Sieh and his demon friends (Deka & Shahar) all melded together into 1 fantastic ball of goodness? Yeah,  I am probably way off, but I am having fun contemplating it.

2) Sieh half-dies and suddenly comes back with some other magic (something about the universe or other). What do you make of it? Why is it only Shahar, Dekarta and Sieh that remember?

Hmm… the power to go back in time, if only for 30 seconds, and change the time line. Yeah. Pretty heavy stuff. I can see why this power would terrify Sieh. He is aware of the power stored in the fabric of the universe and casually unraveling it and reweaving it could backfire and unmake everything!!!! Well, maybe not everything as the universe seems to be rather elastic and tends to hold onto life. Still, with that said, Earth really is a tiny place in the backdrop of the universe and I am not sure how much it would take to accidentally devastate whatever planet or continent the Arameri reside on.

I expect that only Shahar, Deka, and Sieh recall it because they were the ones who 1) were directly involved in the event (Sieh dying, the twins trying to save him) and 2) they were the ones who somehow created the change. Why would anyone else notice? Chaos reigned supreme for that small moment and everyone else was concerned with someone else or themselves, not with the twins or Sieh.

3) What do you think of Yeine’s offer to Remath?

Brilliant! I didn’t see this coming at all, but it is totally logical. Itempas can no longer support or protect the Arameri. That leaves Yeine or Nahadoth. I think everyone can agree that the worship of Nahadoth would be fun for ~2.5 hours until someone promised chaos and ruin in exchange for some bauble of power from Nahadoth. That makes Yeine the logical choice to be worshiped if the Arameri desire protection from one of the Big Three.

I think Yeine will be a good patron goddess, fair anyway.

4) Throughout the whole book, but more in the last couple of chapters, we’ve seen the Arameri have become more human-like, and especially Remath has been more emotional. Do you think they’ve always been like this or that there is some trigger that is making them behave differently?

I think this new upfront behavior is part of the change in worshiping Yeine. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yeine insisted that Remath start making the change in how the Arameri treat each other, especially their young. But I also think that Remath longed for this change and that while it may be hard for her to show true emotion (especially the kinder emotions), she deeply desires to d so. So, hurray for change! Maybe we don’t have to anhilate the Arameri in the final installment of the trilogy.

5) The Echo Palace has been built! And Shahar and Dekarta are „safe“ Why do you think Remath  is abandoning the normal source of Arameri power?

First, let me just say that that was an awesome scene. I really loved how Yeine transported everyone there and they were standing (or rather falling down) on water. And I think it was brilliant to pull from the ocean depths the old Arameri palace that existed until the fool Arameri used Nahadoth as a weapon and inadvertently took out the continent and had to relocate.

This may be another point that she had to agree to in gaining Yeine’s favor. But I tend to also think that for true change to occur for both Sky/Shadow and the Arameri, there needed to be this separation. How can Sky/Shadow evolve if they always have the Arameri looking down upon them from on high threatening who knows what with their scriveners? How can the Arameri evolve if surrounded by these constant reminders of what their family has always been?

And, also, I think Remath truly wants her children safe. And this new palace will be safe from any outside intruders. Now, if only all the palace occupants could get along with each other without killing one another…..

6) Sieh has just left with Itempas, Nahadoth and Yeine… How will they save him?

A four way orgy? Well, maybe just a three way (Yeine, Nahadoth, and Itempas). Perhaps the Big Three have to come together as they once use to in order to create a new Sieh. I predict that their efforts will fail, at least in part, and that one of them will realize that mortal kind (most likely the Twins) are needed to make Sieh whole again.

Other Tidbits:

Those masked zombies!!!! Ugh, how messed up. I will never wear a mask again. And who (and how many people) dropped masks at strategic points throughout the crowd to sew such chaos? Where was Lil when we needed her to eat some zombies?

Yeine and Sieh… I know Yeine was trying to mother him, as he always desired of her, but he has changed and is seeking something more now. And I found it very interesting that Sieh was the ancient, grown up in that brief moment, letting Yeine see how in a few more centuries, the mortal constraints of parent-child would no longer be relevant.

Sieh’s sister Spider was pretty fascinating. I wonder if the clam boy left the beach that day, or died in orgasmic ecstasy even as Spider got a free meal?

Glee is simply awesome. She has her father’s focus and her mother’s compassion.

That scene between Sieh and Itempas was intense. And a little heartbreaking. Excellently done.

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