The Path of Daggers Read Along: The Schedule

PathOfDaggersBannerThe WoT Quad is continuing the madness with Book 8 of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Anyone is welcome to join us. In fact, if you want the weekly discussion questions a few days before post date, just leave me a comment.

I am so glad to be tackling this huge series with such a great group of folks. Sue from Coffee, Cookies, and Chili Peppers makes are cool banners. Liesel from Musings on Fantasia almost always has fun fan art ( of the non-spoilery kind) on her discussion posts. Then we have Eivind, our awesome commenter – and the one I always go to for WoT in-depth questions.

JordanPathOfDaggersWithout further ramblings, here is the schedule!

Feb. 23 Week 1 Prologue – Chapter 4 (115 pages) MoF
Mar. 2 Week 2 Chapters 5-9 (125 pages) CCCP
Mar. 9 Week 3 Chapters 10-15 (123 pages) Eivind
Mar. 16 Week 4 Chapters 16-21 (101 pages) DoD

Mar. 23 Week 5 Chapters 22-26 (112 pages) MoF
Mar. 30 Week 6 Chapter 27-END (83 pages) CCCP

Comments are always appreciated, so don't be shy!