Black and Blue by Gena Showalter

ShowalterBlackAndBlueWhy I Read It: I sinfully enjoyed her Gena Showalter‘s other book, Awaken Me Darkly.

Where I got It: A review copy from the publisher (thanks!).

Who I Recommend This To: Like aliens? Assassins? Kick-ass female leads? Descriptive sex scenes? Gadgets, hand-to-hand combat, and mouthy remarks? Yep, that’s this book.

Narrator: George Newbern

Publisher: Simon and Schuster (2013)

Length: 9 hours 11 minutes

Series: Book 2 Otherworld Assassin

Author’s Page

While this is Book 2 in the series, it works fine as a stand alone.

Evangeline (Evie) Black is a woman of means, with a sharp tongue, and an even sharper mind. She also looks great in a bikini. Corbin Blue is a famous football player, a playboy, and not as sharp as Evie. They both work for black ops, trying to keep the world save. Corbin is an alien, Evie is human. The two start off as enemies and then become frenemies when a mutual friend’s house explodes in a ball of flame and he disappears from sight. Eventually, there is sex. Plenty of it. In fact, I was surprised they managed to complete their mission considering how much genital pounding they did.

OK. So, yes, I read these books, in part, for the sex. But I do enjoy that pesky thing called plot too. Was this my favorite Showalter book? No. But it wasn’t terrible. This is my first venture into the Otherworlder Assassin series. Primarily, I have read the Alien Huntress series in which the story is told from the woman’s perspective. In Black and Blue, most of the tale is told from Corbin’s point of view and I didn’t find it as satisfactory as the female point of view stories.

Also, there were a lot of cutesy wutesy shortening of words. A few here and there would have added to Corbin’s personality, but as the story progressed and Corbin relaxed into it, the reader couldn’t help tripping over the slang.

Now, with those two criticisms, I still enjoyed the book enough to finish it. Evie has some ugly secrets that she is ashamed of and has her guard up all the time. this means that she makes glib and trite comments to everyone. Which amused me, even if it meant that she had few friends. Also, when her life is endangered, she fights back. Even finding herself restrained and in dire straights, she manages to to fight on, instead of curling in a ball and whimpering. Evie and Corbin take turns rescuing each other throughout the book.

I think Corbin has a secret sexual disorder. How could he not after so many years of bedding babes to get info in his undercover role? Supposedly, he hates it. But I think if he did, his boss, Michael (who has shown up in other books as the all round good guy/parental role guy) would have found another line of work for him. Corbin and Evie start off have Angry Sex where neither of them wants to admit their great attraction for each other and both try to write it off as hormonal. I think Corbin needs therapy. He wasn’t my favorite character, but Evie made the book fun and interesting.

Overall, it was OK. The sex scenes were hot. Evie was brilliant at times. I liked all the little spy toys she kept in her purse.

The Narration: George Newbern did a good Corbin Blue voice. He was glib or angry or demanding as the role required. He pulled off Evie’s cultured trite comments quite well.

What I Liked: The cover; plenty of tech and weapons; the sex scenes; Evie’s quick wit and cutting remarks; Evie and Corbin take turns rescuing each other.

What I Disliked: Corbin’s little slang bits got repetitive; the plot felt rushed and/or incomplete for the second half of the book.

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    1. It’s light reading. Don/t have to really pay attention to it and you can pick up any book in the series as they are more a mosaic series, each book told by a different character.

      And, yes, the sex scenes are fun. Quite fun. 😉

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