A Crown of Swords Read Along Part V

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This week we covered Chapters 19-24. Spoilers Below!!!

1) We got more of Cadsuane when she interviewed (grilled) the other Sisters around Rand. What did you think of how she handled them? What do you think her endgame is?
My first impressions of Cadsuane were two-fold: Arrogant and daring. But now I think she might be a bit wiser as she is gathering info, as she can, from the other sisters. This info is far from complete and accurate, but it is a start and I hope she doesn’t let her arrogance lead her down the path of Aes Sedai assumptions about male channelers.
2) Rand and Min take their relationship to the next level. (Poor Elayne!) What did you think of how this happened? How will it change Min and Rand’s friendship? And how will Elayne and Aviendha react?
Well, Rand and Min had just learned of some deaths and they needed comfort. Who can comfort Rand? Probably only his three ladies, and only Min is around. Who could comfort Min? Colavere wasn’t exactly popular and anyone who might understand Min sad over it might also fear being seen with her and mourning an enemy of the Dragon Reborn. If Elayne was around, or Egwene even, they might have been able to comfort her. But they were not. So, Rand and Min it is.
Of course it will change their friendship. Is Rand capable of just being friends with a woman he has bedded? Is he capable of being friends, or even a beau to a woman he has bedded out of wedlock? No. Rand hasn’t been able to expand his culture-based morals that far, yet.
I think Elayne will be OK with it. OK, as in, she won’t hate Min nor channel her into a crisp. Aviendha may have a harder time because she hasn’t gotten to know Min and become friends with her. But Aviendha may demand some ‘honor’ from Rand and that may entail marriage to all three ladies. I think Elayne will back Aviendha up on that.
3) Sevanna and her little retinue use the call boxes to speak to a man and a woman, who we later learn are Sammael and Graendal. What do you think their plan is? And who do you think the Watcher keeping on eye on them is?
I am not sure what Sevanna is up to. Nothing good, obviously. I think she is still set on forcing Rand to marry her or acknowledge her in some way so she could rule all the clans. But I think even she realizes that she will need a channeler, whether Wise One or Aes Sedai, to ‘collar’ Rand and make him compliant. If this is so, it is a sucky plan and she will fail. Much to my amusement.
I am not sure who the Watcher is. Is this the one with black dot that moves across their eyes? I don’t think this one is batting for the Light Side, but rather for the Dark Side. Still, anyone who can follow 2 Forsaken and go unnoticed is formidable.
4) After a (somewhat hilarious) evening of drinking with Brigitte, the dice in Mat’s head stop when Elayne and Nynaeve ask him to move into the palace. Obviously it’s an important event. What do you think it means? What will happen?
I loved the tipsy-through-the-bond Elayne. She seemed much more relaxed and personable.
I am not sure what will happen with Mat’s dice, but I am pretty sure what with happen with his man parts. Queen Tylin has been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to give them a try, and I think his closer proximity to her will allow that relationship to move forward. I am hoping it proves to be amusing….for us readers. ๐Ÿ™‚
5) Nynaeve and Elayne discover a Circle of women who are either too weak to become Aes Sedai or have been kicked out of the Tower for some reason. What do you think of the Kin and their odd customs? How will they figure in the story from here on out?
This was a very amusing scene. Here Nynaeve and Elayne have the opportunity to discover some pretty important info. While Nynaeve is all for giving it a try, she is so blunt and impatient, things do not go well at all. Meanwhile, Elayne sees it as a waste of time from the beginning. The Wonder Girls each have moments of infuriating Aes Sedai arrogance!
Still, the same could be said for the Kin who don’t believe Nynaeve and Elayne. I think discovering the Kin may turn into a little bookmark event that the Wonder Girls come back to in the future and draw upon.
6) Nynaeve’s weather sense tells her a storm is about to break over the city, which we now know is something of a Talent. It doesn’t always mean the weather, but sometimes other kinds of storms. What do you think her weather sense portends this time?
The shit is about to get real.
Yeah, I think Nynaeve needs to add that label to her weather sense dial. Would make it much easier for her and those around her to know when to go find a hole to hide in or to get out of town.
As for this specific time, well…Mat’s got dice in his head, we know that White Cloaks, Dark Friends, and at least 1 Forsaken all know they are in town. lots of people (including some Black Ajah) are hunting the angreal stash. I think just maybe, all this stuff will come together into some street, or perhaps even palace, fight. I am hoping it will be spectacular.
7) While making their way back from the Kin’s manor, Nynaeve and Elayne are attacked in the street. Who do you think did it and why?
Remember last week how I made that joke about the Wonder Girls not falling into anymore traps? Well this was a very near thing. Idiots! They have free body guards on call via Mat, the Palace, could even hire some. Lots of choices.
Anyway, as to who did it…..well there was at least 4 people involved, right? We had whoever fired the blunt-tipped arrows, the man helping them to the carriage, the woman in the carriage, and the carriage driver. Possibly the shop keeper? But I tend to dismiss her as she offered Nynaeve a cup of water afterwards. She would have to be a ballsy one to stick around afterward if she was part of the kidnap crew.
So, who could either hire or be a part of that team? Well, there are those 2 Black Ajah ladies…..but I can’t recall if Nynaeve & Elayne know what they look like. Still, they could have hired a team. There is the Darkfriend Shiaine. I don’t think Nynaeve and Elayne know what she looks like. So that might be the better bet. Or we may never know, kind of like the attack on Mat.

Other Tidbits:

Has Min gotten a bit more clingy? Has she gotten a bit more fascinated with her looks? Like when she heard that Hered Fel (spelling?) was dead (due to the gholam), her thoughts turned to the fact that he was a nice man who’s head she had distracted with her looks from his studies.

I was pretty amused with Sevanna & Crew versus Sammael & Graendal – they each think they have the upper hand, are more clever. Only time will tell which of these two groups is more clever, but I don’t think either is going to outwit Rand & crew.

Mat & Birgitte are getting to be pretty buddy-buddy. I like this a lot. I think they should become an item. I think they would both enjoy the company and not having to hide their pasts from one another. Also, I have never really understood women who frown on men enjoying the view offered to them by other women (cleavage on display), especially when those women display too, at least from time to time. So it is refreshing to have Birgitte’s take on such things.

5 thoughts on “A Crown of Swords Read Along Part V”

  1. I love the idea of Mat and Brigitte getting tipsy together. It’s hilarious. And it’s nice to see Mat have a gal pal that he won’t actually sleep with, nor hate. (It seems to be either/or with him.) I think Min is definitely clingier. Now that she has the relationship with Rand that she’s always wanted, she’s not going to be willing to let it slip. It will definitely make her more vulnerable, and therefore clingier than we’ve seen her before. And yes, the “storm” Nynaeve keeps sensing will be pretty spectacular. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Well, I hope Min gets back to being more independent as that was one of the traits I so enjoyed about her.

      And I look forward to seeing what the storm will be. So many powerful good guys and bad guys in one place. I expect it will be messy and that Queen Tylin will breathe a sigh of relief once they all leave Ebou Dar.

  2. 1. I thought that her comment about using arrogance to push Rand made a lot of sense: I didn’t get the whole Elaida / ‘I know better than anyone else’ vibe from her. She seems very clear-minded and not likely to let emotion cloud her judgement like some people I could name . . .

    2. I find it difficult to criticize Rand for NOT just treating the girls as booty calls – at least he considers their feelings, wishes, etc. rather than treating them as objects. I agree with you that the ultimate reaction from Elayne and Aviendha will be pragmatic and resigned to the whole sharing thing. It is not an ideal situation, but at least it is better than no relationship at all. How very Aiel!

    3. I too hope to laugh and dance on Sevanna’s grave, but I suspect that she will be around for quite some time creating mayhem. I agree that the Watcher has to be someone very skilled to avoid detection by two Forsaken, which narrows down the list of possibilities quite dramatically.

    4. I suspect it might be “death by snoo-snoo”! ๐Ÿ˜€

    5. In a perverse kind of way, I actually enjoyed the way in which the Kin were so completely unimpressed by the Super Girls . . . *snigger!

    6. I think Mat’s dice coming to rest + Nynaeve’s storm-that-isn’t-the-weather both at the same time = a bad time about to slap them senseless.

    7. “As if we would walk into yet another trap! Fal-de-lah!” LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

    I can understand Min thinking of that because he was the only man that she really believed saw her as distractingly attractive when she was just being herself and not trying to live up to her name.

    There are so many people in this series that are dumb and yet are convinced of their own epicness . . . I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. So far we haven’t really seen any of the men treat the ladies as mere booty calls. Even Mat tends to pick ladies who either want a casual night, weekend, or short summer fling. He doesn’t just bed anyone. So why don’t we have a male or female character making that mistake? It happens in real life.

      Yes, it was terribly funny to have a whole group of ladies unimpressed with Nynaeve and Elayne, as these two think so highly of themselves.

      True about the ‘believe in my own epicness’ part, especially among the baddies. It is very amusing.

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