The Broken Kingdoms Read Along Part II

Chupacabra sacked out on the bed.
Chupacabra sacked out on the bed.

Welcome Everyone! this week begins the read along for Book 2 in N. K. Jemisin’s The Inheritance Trilogy. Anyone is welcome to join us and this trilogy lends easily to popping in when you like as each book is a stand alone story set in the same world, a mosaic trilogy I think is the term. So here is the Schedule if you want to play!

This week we covered Chapters 5-10. This week I am your host, so please leave a link in the comments to your post so we can all visit one another.

Spoilers run free below!

1) We learned some tidbits about Oree’s father in this section. Who, or what, do you think he was and what do you think of the suspicions about mob madness that Lady Serymn brought up?

I think Oree’s father was either a godling in hiding (since godlings weren’t allowed in the mortal realm at that time, or the offspring of a godling and mortal – a demon. Of course, either way, it makes Oree a demon. I don’t think she has put that all together yet.

As to the mob madness, well, even if Nahadoth tipped the scale, the underlying suspicions and fears and lack of control and open-mindedness was already there. I would still look towards all those people that Oree grew up knowing, and how they killed a peaceful man.

2) Shiny has some stern views about the relationship between Oree and Madding. What do you think of him testing her love for Madding? Do you think she said yes to Madding for the right reasons?

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny….Dork. This guy really doesn’t get mortals and all the convoluted feelings we can have other living beings. Maybe because we live such short lives, we have to cram all those feelings into too short a span of years. And the immortals have all this time to explore each feeling in depth and rarely have to experience more than 2 or 3 at a time.

Oh, and I didn’t like him being forceful about it. He’s a god, and even without that, he’s a formidable man in strength of limb and character. If she had fought him from the start, how many injuries would she have suffered? But he probably didn’t figure in her natural mortal fragility, which is something Oree definitely calculated.

And with that, no, I don’t think she said Yes to Madding for the right reasons. She does care for him, would have said yes in a heartbeat 2 weeks ago, when she was still free to bring in her own income. But now she is dependent on the goodness of him as a friend. And perhaps, just perhaps, she feels the need to prove something to herself after that little kiss with Shiny.

Or she is planning on a threesome, as that is not unheard of in her world. 😉

3) The House of the Risen Sun has some followers with skills. What do you think of the holes, The Empty, and what has happened to Oree’s friends, both mortal and immortal? Shiny?

Wow! This is a messed up situation. The House of the Risen Sun has more powers and skills and resources than anything, other than the Arameri and the Order, that Oree has heard of. I wonder how they have managed to stay off the radar of the both the Arameri and the Order for so long? It looks like they have at least one powerful Scrivener (Dateh, the Nypri). The Empty is seriously a messed up limbo of a place. Oree almost lost her mind in it. Part of me hopes that her friends are merely trapped in the Empty instead of dead. But being stuck in the Empty for so long can not be good for them.

As for Shiny, I think the House of the Risen Sun has completely underestimated him. Wherever he is trapped, I hope he kills himself and rises again and comes to help Oree. That last sentence is a little odd…..a little messed up. But you all know what I mean.

4) Are the ambitious plans of the House of the Risen Sun justified? Noble? Or is there a particular follower you already want to seen tossed into The Empty for a spell?

No! These guys are whack jobs and the ‘rulers’ of the House of the Risen Sun are definitely out for power. Let’s see, the list for the Empty. Let’s assume space is limited, so let’s start with Hado, then the Nypri, Lady Serymn, and what’s her name who took Oree’s blood. The serving lass who lead her to the baths may simply get off with a switching and trash duty in Shadow for a year.

5) Lord Dateh, the Nypri, requested a bit of Oree’s blood for study. What do think he will do with it and what part do you think the House of the Risen Sun hopes Oree to play in their plans?

Well, if the Nypri suspects that Oree is a demon, then her blood might be a mild narcotic, like the godlings’ blood. But as a scrivener, he might be up to more sinister things. Perhaps there is some way to control or track her through just her blood.

We know that Oree can open gateways. Maybe the House of the Risen Sun wants to use her to open some gateway that will banish Nahadoth from their world, or trap him.

Other Tidbits:

How cool is Madding’s house? All those pools, no doors, huge pile of pillows for a bed. So lush. And those love scenes between Madding and Oree were so lovely.

I will say that the physical mansion that the House of the Risen Sun lives in, attached to the tree, sounds amazing!

At the very end of this section, we learn that Oree now believes she has a way out. But it sounds dangerous, and messy. I am glad that she is going to give herself a day or two to conserve her strength before she tries.

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11 thoughts on “The Broken Kingdoms Read Along Part II”

  1. My answers are here!

    Yeah, I agree that the people were to blame, even if Nahadoth influenced them in some way.

    I was surprised Shiny didn’t even consider that Oree did not freely consent to the kiss (he threatened her, and he is her *god*, after all), which kind of made his whole point moot.

    Madding’s house did sound really pleasant. It would be a nice place to visit! I think the tree house might stress me out, though, with the swaying and everything.

    1. Shiny is an idiot, and an arrogant one at that. He doesn’t even contemplate that Oree might have been temporarily giving into the kiss while thinking about her options for escape or what make-shift weapons were nearby, or how to toss him off the roof…. Sigh….Still so much to learn about humans, and about power.

  2. 1. Ah, I didn’t consider the possibility that Oree’s father might be a godling or demon. I just assumed they were both part demon. But it fits nicely with the overwhelming joy he felt when Yeine became a goddess.

    2. I don’t think Shiny’s problem comes from being a god. It’s just his own personal issues. Nahadoth and Enefa could live as a triple, but Itempas couldn’t handle it. If anything, their long lives should make the idea of loving just one person seem completely absurd, whereas humans, with out short lifespans, usually idolise monogamy.

    I’d love to be in both The House of the Risen Sun and Madding’s house. I’d like this to be an HBO series too, while I’m at it.

  3. You were nicer to the Order of the Risen Sun – I would stick them all in the Empty.
    And yes, how cool is Madding’s house?! I wouldn’t mind living in a house like that at all…

    I’m eager now to see what Oree has planned. I just wonder what will go wrong. 😉

    1. I figure Jont is young and impressionable (obviously). So she and others like her might open their eyes with a serious wake up call. And maybe you all are right in that the wake up call could be a stint in the Empty. 😉

  4. I love Madding’s house. I want to go lounge in is pools. 🙂

    I feel like Shiny still has a lot to learn about humans, and the kiss shows that there are clearly some boundaries that he doesn’t know.

    1. Gods and Godlings have trouble with boundaries – lack of doors in Maddings house, Lil eating off Oree’s plate, Shiny and his kiss. Perhaps we could hold a weekly 2 hour class on the concept of ‘personal space’ as enjoyed by so many humans.

      1. Haha yes. Although personal space doesn’t apply to ever culture, even among humans. I see the interactions between Oree and the godlings who have so recently returned to the mortal world as an awkward interaction between cultures. Oree’s just got enough patience to try to bridge the gap instead of getting too annoyed and refusing to interact with them at all.

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